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The Mentalist's Manual
by Robert A. Nelson


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Mentalist's Manual by Robert A. Nelson

Do you want to be a professional mentalist? This authoritative textbook shows how to enter this interesting and highly profitable profession. This ebook literally takes the reader by the hand, and step by step, outlines the correct procedure - from start to finish. Just as if you hired Nelson to consult with you on how to break into the psychic entertainment business.

Covered in detail are: How to begin - the necessary requisites - suitable names and titles - the lecture - routines - publicity and a hundred and one time-proven facts that are so necessary for success. Not only does Nelson tell the reader what to do - but he warns against pitfalls and errors so common to the beginner and professional mentalist alike.

Here is the inside story of successful mentalism. It elaborates on the many phases of this work, and in detail. The Manual embodies valuable information collected from successful mentalists around the world and data accumulated as a result of the author's years experience as a successful mentalist and authority on Mental Magic.

This text will prove immensely valuable to the professional as well as the beginner. One professional mentalist exclaimed that the information detailed in the book was worth thousands of dollars to the working mentalist! That just one reading of the book gave him many ideas that could be converted into money, though he had spent a lifetime in the profession. Just one idea gleaned from this Manual is a profitable investment, yet this book contains a veritable gold mine of practical and workable information. Hundreds of subtle ideas - little known tips and wrinkles - the result of years of actual practical, tried and proven experience.

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1st edition 1953; PDF 61 pages.
word count: 16614 which is equivalent to 66 standard pages of text