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At the Table
by Jon Racherbaumer


(1 review, 6 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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At the Table by Jon Racherbaumer

Beautiful close up magic by Jon Racherbaumer, John Cornelius, Roger Klause, Ed Marlo, Jim Hunter, Steve Draun, Eddie Adams, Lee Fried, Chuck Smith, Phil Goldstein, Tom Mullica, and Simon Aronson. Here is magic that is unique and that you will not see in other books. The ebook is divided into chapters on Coins, Cards, Linking Pins, Mental Magic, and Diversions. You will find such unusual items as Marlo's complete presentation of the Color Vision box, Racherbaumer's close up Miser's Dream, Marlo work on Linking Pins, Cornelius' Coins thru Table, Mullica's version of Jarrow's Cig thru Hanky, and more. The section on card magic (mostly Marlo and Racherbaumer) is a real gem.



  • Squeeze Play
  • Aha! Coins Thru The Table
  • Further Than Devant
  • A Miser Dreams of Vegas
  • Coin-Umbrage
  • Most For Your Money
  • Amplius Nickels


  • Hunter's Foop Fapp Fipp
  • Super Pin Routine


  • Calculating Snippet
  • Solution To Jaks?
  • Correct Change
  • Getting On With This World
  • On The Berglas Effect
  • On Curry's Think of A Card


  • Mexican Stab
  • Mexican Joe Cuts To The Aces
  • Deck-ing Hofzinser
  • Hofzinser's Dream Solution
  • Wily Monte
  • Marlo's Color Changing Deck Routine
  • Impact-Collision-Crash
  • Touch Turn Poker
  • Poor Man's Card To Balloon
  • Poor Man's Prediction
  • Olram's Hidden Count
  • Above And Below
  • Hobson's Choice
  • Undercover Haunted Deck
  • Draun's Swindle 21-Card Trick
  • Jack-Flash Transpo
  • Flicks and Kicks
  • In Lieu of The Thru-The-Fist Change
  • Neo-Brownian Movement
  • Strong Cider
  • Hole-Cards In One
  • The Cut Deeper Location


  • Marlo's Complete Color Vision
  • Hank-Foolery


1st edition 1984, 190 pages.
word count: 55272 which is equivalent to 221 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Paul Lelekis
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 02 July, 2015

Jon Racherbaumer is a "magician's magician" and his magic is not only entertaining, but in Jon's hands it is inexplicable! I have been a huge fan of his for many, many years and I think that Jon's influence on my approach to magic has made me a better entertainer! Read what he has offered in this remarkable e-book - you won't be sorry!!