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The Sphinx Volume 6 (Mar 1907 - Feb 1908)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 6 (Mar 1907 - Feb 1908) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19071
Kansas City, Mo., March 15, 19072
Handkerchief And Billiard Ball Illusion By Lewis R. Hilliar2
Biographical Chevalier Ernest Thorne3
Vanishing Glass By C. Merrelo Mahood3
Cane Levitation By James A. Hart3
Magician's Doings4
The Passing Show4
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale5
A Floating Ball Illusion By Robert Madison5
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott6
- "Extracts" (Continued)7
- "Extracts" (Continued8
- "Extracts" (Continued

NO. 2: APRIL 190713
Kansas City, Mo., April 15, 190714
In Memoriam Of Harry N. Stork By John N. Hilliard14
Flowers From Finger Tips By L.W. Blanchard, M.D.14
Biographical Charles Bertram15
L. Cohen's Magic Table15
The Great Thurston By Prof. Nathu Manchachand15
From An Old Book By Harry Hatton16
Zancig's Occult Review16
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale17
Locks The Thumbs Together "Thumb Cuffs"18
Half Hours With Mediums - I By David P. Abbott18
- "Half Hours" (Continued)19
- "Half Hours" (Continued)20
- "Half Hours" (Continued)21
The Passing Show22
New Method Of Cigarette Paper Trick By B.G. Hall22

NO. 3: MAY 190725
Kansas City, Mo., May 15, 190726
The Moving Picture Cards By Lewis R. Hilliar26
Prof. Wyman's Inexhaustible Bottle By Prof. W.H. Pugh26
Biographical Theophrastus Paracelus27
From Howard Thurston27
-Bombay Magicians Picture27
Magician's Doings28
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale28
The Matchless Match Trick By Chas. S. Weller29
The Flying Cards By Ed. "Kardell29
New Way To Do The Soup Plates And Handkerchiefs By George A. Coleman29
Half Hours With Mediums - IV By David P. Abbott30
- "Half Hours" (Continued)31
- "Half Hours" (Continued)32
- "Half Hours" (Continued)33
Too Many Eggs (Joke) From Judge34

NO. 4: JUNE 190737
Kansas City, Mo., June 15, 190738
Biographical Karl Germaine39
Items From New Zealand39
The Flags Of All Nations By Ellsworth Lyman39
Magician's Doings40
English Notes By Henry Whiteley40
The Gambler's Ace Trick By Ed. "Kardell"41
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale42
Half Hours with Mediums - VII By David P. Abbott43
- "Half Hours" (Continued)44
- "Half Hours" (Continued)45
- "Half Hours" (Continued)46
- "Half Hours" (Continued)47
- "Half Hours" (Continued)

NO. 5: JULY 190753
Kansas City, Mo., July 15, 190754
Marked Card Passed Into An Envelope By Ed. "Kardell"54
Biographical Henry Hatton55
A New One For Coin Manipulators By Robert Madison55
Magician's Doings56
English Notes By Henry Whiteley56
The Magic Little Bell By Max Cadet57
A Levitation For $150 By Theodore L. DeLand Jr.58
Half Hours With Mediums By David P. Abbott59
- "Half Hours" (Continued)60
- "Half Hours" (Continued)61
- "Half Hours" (Continued)62

NO. 6: AUGUST 190765
Kansas City, Mo., August 15, 190766
Box To Produce Ducks By C.A. Lorenz66
A Unique Second Sight By Henry Hatton67
A New Card Force By E.M. Morey67
Improved Coffee And Milk Trick By "Mayo"67
Magicians's Doings68
Cincinnati, O., Notes68
Cleveland Notes69
A Chat About Magic And Magicians By Charles Medrington69
Ring Or Wheel Coin Dropper Feke By L. Cohen69
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale70
Half Hours With Mediums By David P. Abbott71
- "Half Hours" (Continued)72
- "Half Hours" (Continued)73

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 190777
Kansas City, Mo., September 15, 190778
- Vernelo's Death79
- Alfred Silvester's Death79
The Magician Who Lost (Poem)79
Card Reading Extraordinary By S. Bradford Sherman79
Magician's Doings80
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale80
The "Hide And Seek" Card Trick By Prof. Magicus81
Improved Handkerchief Tube By L.W. Blanchard82
Card Rising Trick By James A. Hart82
Anna Eva Fay And Her Familiar "Spirits" By Henry Hatton82
- "Anna" (Continued)83
- "Anna" (Continued)84

NO. 8: OCTOBER 190789
Kansas City, Mo., October 15, 1907 90
A New Finish For The Dyeing Handkerchief Trick By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward90
Biographical W.J. Hilliar91
Liquids And Spirits A Combination By Knaus91
Free-Hand, Tubeless Color Change By Russell, "The Magician"91
Magician's Doings92
The Mystical Aces And Kings By George Fairclough93
The Escape Or How The Bet Was Won By Benedict94
A Few Suggestions And Improvements By Charles Trickey95
An Effective Coin Sleight By Leonzo95
The Plug Puzzle96
Notes from Berlin By Eugen Harkewitz96

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1907101
Kansas City, Mo., November 15, 1907102
Biographical Keller & Thurston103
Gustavo Testa Picture103
A New Stunt On the Rising Ball Shaft By Russell 103
Relics Of Signor Blitz Cask & Box Picture103
The Flying Hen103
Magician's Doings104
The Twelve Card Tricks Combined With Billiard-Ball Production By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward104
Chevalier Ernest Thorn Programme105
Spontaneous Combustion Of A Card By H.F. Suhr105
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale106
Hindoo Stocks And Pillory By K. M. Brandu106
An Original Goblet Vanish By Bushing G. Hull107
The Plug Puzzle Answer107
A Color Changing Trick By Ellsworth Lyman107
How to Make A Wand Float In The Air By George A. Coleman108

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1907113
Kansas City, Mo., December 15, 1907114
Biographical Marie Herrmann115
Magical Flight Of The Coins115
Okito & Family Pictures115
Magician's Doings116
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott117
- "Extracts" (Continued)118
Eugene Laurant Picture119
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale119
Patter For Prestidigitators120
Magical Aphorisms120

NO. 11: JANUARY 1908125
Kansas City, Mo., January 15, 1908126
Egyptian Magicians Picture126
An Ode to The Sphinx (Poem) By Will Edwards127
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott127
Magician's Doings128
Australian Notes By C. Howard Irving128
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale129
Combination Of Pocket To Pocket Handkerchief And Egg Or Billiard Ball Production By C.J. Stilwell129
The Sphinx Flag Trick By Charles Medrington130
Maro's Country Home130
Alternation By Chas. G. Shepherd130
An Old Coin Trick Improved By L.G. Farber131
Patter For Prestidigitators132
The Balanced Billiard Ball132

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1908137
Kansas City, Mo., February 15, 1908138
One Handed Color Change By Reg H. Bennett138
Geo. W. Stock Front Page Picture 139
Two Valuable Books139
Magician's Doings140
Addenda To "Behind The Scenes With The Mediums By Davis P. Abbott140
- "Addenda" (Continued)141
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale142
An Annual On Magic142
The Magnetized Cigar By L.G. Farber142
Aga Aga'ast By Will Edwards143
Cabinet For Handcuff Act Russell143
Change Cards By Snap Of Fingers By W.H. Dilger144
Lecture On Thoughts By Maxime Cadet144
Extracts from My Own Program By David p. Abbott145
Magical Aphorisms by Geo H. Stripp146
They All Knew Her147

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