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The Sphinx Volume 8 (Mar 1909 - Feb 1910)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 8 (Mar 1909 - Feb 1910) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19091
S. Wilson Bailey Bio3
- Handcuff Collection Picture3
Magician's Doings4
Dr. Elliott's Horizontal Lift Card Rise5
A Testimonial To M. Felecian Trewey By Henry Ridgely Evans6
- Trewey Picture6
- Trewey's Den Picture6
Extracts From My Program By David P. Abbott7
- "Extracts" Continued8
A Sure Winner9
The Society Of Detroit Magicians9
Editorial Announcement10
- The April Number10
The Society Of American Magicians11
The Reason Why By William R. Caulk12
Current Magical Literature13
The Society Of American Magicians (Cont. from page 11)14
A Testimonial To M. Felecian Trewey (Cont. from page 6)18

NO. 2: APRIL 190921
Edward Beadle Bio23
New Card Effects23
- The Deuce And Trey Of Diamonds By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward23
The World Of Magic24
- The Zancigs Picture24
- New York Notes Edward Beadle25
- English Notes Fred Sinclair26
The Sarcophagus Illusion By Theodore L. DeLand27
Mephisto's Teddy Bear By Douglas G. Halley27
The New Die Box Illusion As Performed By Carl Hertz28
The New Wonder Die28
How To Clean Playing Cards28
A Reminiscence Of Ching Ling Foo By David P. Abbott29
- Ching Ling Foo & Family Picture29
The Editor's Page30
The Society Of American Magicians Oscar S. Teale31
The Sphinx Changing Card By A.E. Bloom31
The Flying Handkerchief By Gylleck32
The Mosher Ball Illusion By Arthur Mosher32
A Neat Catch By Olver32
The Conjurer Confesses32
Current Magical Literature33
A Simple Way Of Working Pocket To Pocket Cards By C.J. Stilwell33
Magician And The Booking Agent By Olver34
Aga On Any Stage By Russell34

NO. 3: MAY 190941
James William Elliot, M.D. Bio43
A New Move With A Ball And Shell By Douglas G. Halley43
The World Of Magic44
New York Notes Edward Beadle44
English Notes Fred Sinclair45
Viennese Notes Ottokar Fischer45
Magic Notes From Italy Gustavo Testa45
Frazier's Pass By Dr. Elliot46
A Handkerchief Trick By David P. Abbott47
Magnetized Knife And Envelope By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward47
The Traveling Dice By C.M. Shrimplin48
The Vanishing Card By Edwin C. Blair48
Why? By Benedict48
Russell's Attachable Servante By Russell48
How To Make A Hole In Glass48
Rip Van Winke's Dream By Arthur Mosher49
Germain At Martinka's By Edward Beadle49
The Obliging Postal Card, Or How To Save A Cent By Chas. S. Weller49
The Editor's Page50
S.A.M. Banquet50
The Society Of American Magicians Oscar S. Teale51
- First Magic Vaudeville By S.A.M.51
L. Cohen's Magic Table L. Cohen52
Current Magical Literature53
The Magic Circle Protests53

NO. 4: JUNE 190961
Leon Hermann Obit63
Karl Germain 2 Pictures63
The World Of Magic64
New York Notes Edward Beadle065
The Finding Of The Unknown By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward65
To Shoot Handkerchief Into An Electric Light Globe By Edward Reno66
Coin Fish Pond By Dr. L.W. Blanchel66
Magical Tips By J.E. Pierce66
Elliot's Original Method Of Producting From The Top Of Pack Any One Of Three Unknown Previously Selected Cards By Dr. Elliot67
The Society Of American Magicians 67
The Hoop Of Mercedese By Arthur Mosher68
Fifth S.A.M. Banquet68
- Banquet Picture69
The Editor's Page70
Improved Sucker Box Trick By F.P. Schoppler, Jr.71
Igoe's Impressions of The Magician's Dinner Sketches72
To Produce Two Live Rabbits From A Hat By L. Cohen72
Two Little Experiments For The Skeptic By Robert E. Innis72
Current Magical Literature74

NO. 5: JULY 190981
William A. Ransom Bio83
The London Lodge Of Magicians83
A Ruse In Dyeing Handkeerchief Trick By Max Holden83
The World Of Magic84
- New York Notes Edward Beadle85
- Viennese Notes O. Fischer85
Count Saint Germain By W. Lukesch85
Dinner Sketches Cartoon86
S.A.M. Annual Dinner86
Suggestions On Patter By Max Sterling86
The Cast Of The Die By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward87
A Fine Pass With A Ball By O. Fischer87
The Vanishing Gloves Improved By Harry Louine (Louis N. Miller)87
Billiard Ball Palm Transfer By L. Cohen87
Some Tricks Seen At S.A.M. Banquet Cartoon88
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner88
English Notes Fred Sinclair89
A Hypnotic Experiment By Knaus89
The Editor's Page90
A Popular Magician (Poem) By A.M. Wilson90
Current Magical Literature91
An Electric Illusion Box91
Another Triple Cabinet Illusion By Will Eske92
Mosher's Pitch Ball Sleight By Arthur Mosher93
Ellison Wand Collection Picture93
New Rice Trick By J.E. Pierce93
News Our Great-Grandfathers Read93
A Telephone Experiment94
Ring On Wand By J.E. Pierce94
Original Fade Away Card Trick By Harry Louine (Louis N. Miller)94

NO. 6: AUGUST 1909101
Chung Ling Soo - Bio103
Mysterious Glass Vanish By Chas. J. Hagen103
A New Idea For The Long And Short Cards By Maxwell Holden103
The World Of Magic104
Society Of Magicians In Hartford, Conn.104
New York Notes Edward Beadle105
Great Cone Trick By M.A.Gician106
Shout "Hello" (Poem) A.G. Riddoch106
The Joker As A Detective By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward107
Suggestions On The "Dumb" Act By Max Sterling107
The Turned Card By J.E. Pierce107
Ahead Of The Game Joke107
Keller-Thurston Show Members Picture109
A Good Handkerchief Production By Donald Holmes108
Reminiscences Of Some Magicians I Have Seen O.R.Estes109
The Editor's Page110
S.A.M. Notes S.R. Ellison, M.D.111
Coin Trick By J.E. Pierce111
A New Card In The Pocket Trick By M.F. Crowe111
The Bambergs - Six Generations Of Magicians By Oscar S. Teale112
- David Leendert Bamberg Picture112
- Tobias Bamberg Picture113
- Papa Bamberg Program113
- David Tobias Bamberg Picture114
- Theo Bamberg (Okito) Picture114
- David Bamberg Picture114
- Emile Bamberg Picture114
- Eduard Bamberg Picture114
- In Den Ool Ycken Kookelaer Picture115

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 1909121
Alexander Heimburger - Bio By W. Lukesch123
The Cook Water Illusion By Arthur Mosher123
The World Of Magic124
- New York Notes Edward Beadle125
- English Notes Fred Sinclair125
DeLand's Vanishing Handkerchief Trick Theodore L. DeLand, Jr.126
Suggestions On The Value Of Titles By Max Sterling126
A New Vanishing Candle By Maxwell Holden127
The Society Of American Magicians Francis J. Werner128
English Notes (Continued)128
Reminiscences Of Some Magicians I Have Seen O.R. Estes129
- Carl Herrmann Picture129
Editor's Page130
Maskelyne And Devant's By Fred Sinclair130
The Rainbow Handkerchief Combination By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward131
Some Plain Facts To Sphinx Readers132
Nixon-Okito Playbill134

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1909141
Dr. Joh. N. Hofzinger - Bio By O. Fischer 143
The Protean Liquid By Arthur Mosher143
The World Of Magic144
- New York Notes Edward Beadle145
- Paris, France, News J. Caroly145
- English Notes Fred Sinclair145
As Regards Exposers146
Effects By Easy Means By Slygo146
The Watch, Handkerchief And Bran By Donald Holmes147
DeLand's Card Producing Wand By Theodore L. DeLand, Jr.148
Where Is The Dime By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward148
A Bit Of Information By T.M. Nocriz148
Reminiscences Of Some Magicians I Have Seen O. R. Estes149
Reading Ordinary Cards By Touch By Alfred Caroselli149
The Editor's Page150
Current Magical Literature151
Another Flourish By Alon Lord151
Card And Soup Plate Trick By F.P. Schopper, Jr.151
Spirit Correspondence By Max Cadet152
A Subtle Card Pass By Dr. Elliot152
Magical Genius By Dr. Elliot153
Easy Trick153
The Lantern Of Diogenes By O. Fischer154
Managers, Agents, Producers154
The Zancigs Poster155

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1909165
Ottokar Fischer Bio167
Adelaide Herrmann Honored Oscar S. Teale167
A Wrinkle In The Ribbon And Flag Trick By Maxwell Holden167
The World Of Magic168
New York Notes Edward Beadle169
Phantasmagoria By Lionel T. Scott170
Viennese Reflections By O. Fischer171
Milk And Handkerchief Trick By H.E. Van Der Koor171
The Society Of American Magicians Francis J. Werner172
The Ring On The Wand By Daniel173
New Magic Books173
The Editor's Page174
A Flag Trick By H.F. Suhr175
- Flag Trick Picture175
Magic On The Vaudeville Stage By Hornmann175
Master Mysteries Of Mechanical Magic Applying To Illusions And Stage Tricks By Burling Hull176
- "Master Mysteries" (Continued)177
Reminiscences Of Some Magicians I Have Seen By O.R. Estes178

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1909189
Will Goldston Bio191
Handy Handkerchief Dyeing Method By Trebor191
Flag Creation By Arthur Mosher191
The World Of Magic192
New York Notes Edward Beadle193
A Good Trick With Cards And Envelopes By Harry H. Comer193
DeLand's Vanishing Pack Of Cards By Theodore L. DeLand, Jr.194
The Society Of American Magicians Francis J. Werner195
A Monster Cage Containing Living Birds Produced From A Borrowed Handkerchief By Will Goldston196
Egg, Handkerchief And Card Combination By G.V. Long197
New Magic Books197
Editor's Page198
A Suggestion For The Fish Bowl Trick By L.W. Gavett199
The Comedy Handkerchief Tube By Prof. Robert Gifford199
Easy Shuffles That Are Hard To Beat By Slygo199
An Invisible Servante By Douglas G. Halley200
Silk-More Silk-Silk Handkerchiefs By Burling Hull200

NO. 11: JANUARY 1910213
Ernest Thorn Bio215
A Clever Idea215
3 Moves With A Half Dollar, Shell And Coin By William E. Simms215
Perfect Magic Square For The Year, 1910 By Theodore L. DeLand, Jr.215
A Few Hints On Simple Things215
The World Of Magic216
New York Notes Edward Beadle217
A Card Flourish By Jijime217
Chicago Notes I.F. Halton218
Choice Morals Of Marcus O'Ptutt218
A Simple Home-made Back Hand Vnisher By L.W. Gavett219
Easy Shuffles That Are Hard To Beat by Slygo219
Mosher's Hat Loader By Arthur Mosher220
Long Distance Psychical Telepathy By John H. Percival220
A Suggestion On Dr. Woodward's "The Cast Of The Die" By T.C.Bonney221
Holden's Comedy Trick Table By Maxwell Holden221
Two Good Ones By Fred Sinclair221
The Editor's Page222
The Changing Aces By James J. Moran223
A Criticism By Kobb223
The Society Of American Magicians Francis J. Werner224
The Prestidigitator By Dr. Elliot224
Tips To Tricksters By Ramo225
New Use For An Old Trick With Original Patter By L.W. Gavett225

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1910237
T. Roy Barnes Bio239
Thurston Cartoon239
Variation On Twentieth Century Flag Handkerchiefs By Camella239
The World Of Magic240
- "The World" (Continued)241
Chicago Notes I.F. Halton242
Novel Finish For The Popular Silk Dyeing Trick By Camella242
New York Notes Edward Beadle242
For The Blues (Poem) By Wilbur D. Nesbit242
Glass Through The Hat By Russell243
Long Distance Telepathy Simplified By Benedict243
The Improved Obedient Ball By Lionel T. Scott243
Samuel's Rice And Ring Trick243
Levitation Of Ball, Orange Or Woman By Slygo244
What Is A Knocker? By Ira Van244
A Billiard Ball Tip By Maxwell Holden244
There Is Only One Magical Act By Slygo245
New Fish Bowl Fake By Russell245
Noah's Ark Outdone By Louine245
Ball Through Pocket By Joseph A. Boyd245
The Editor's Page246
The Color Changing Ball By Lionel T. Scott247
Suggestions On DeLand's Rainbow Card Creation By Dr. J.G.F. Holston, Jr.247
The Society Of American Magicians Francis J. Werner248
Paris News J. Caroly248
Three Ace Trick By Ed Conklin249
Mosher's Rice Bowl Combination By Arthur Mosher249

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