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The Sphinx Volume 4 (Mar 1905 - Feb 1906)
by Albert M. Wilson

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The Sphinx Volume 4 (Mar 1905 - Feb 1906) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19051
Kansas City, Mo., Mar.15, 19052
- "Foo Vs. Soo" John N. Hilliard2
- Mokana (James Mayer Goldston)2
- G.A. Cooke2
- Martin Chapender2
Biographical Harry Whiteley3
The Dyeing Handkerchiefs John N. Hilliard3
New Spirit Writing Trick By Chas. O. Williams3
Magician's Doings4
- In The Lyceum Field4
- In Vaudeville4
- Magic Shows5
- Entertainers5
A Village Fiasco5
Amateur's Column T.J. Crawford5
- A Good Table For Amateurs Russell-"The Mystifier."5
English Notes Henry Whiteley6
Card Vanish By Barton, The Merry Wizard6
Handkerchief Production6
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale7
An Improved Levitation By W.H.Adams (Zennia)7
The Specialists Of Magic By John N. Hilliard8
New Zealand Notes By W.D. Leroy, S.A.M.9
Twentieth Century Trunk Or Cabinet Mystery By Fred J. Peters10
Prof. Herrmann And His Assistants Picture10
Miller's Hat Loading Method10

NO. 2: APRIL 190513
Kansas City, Mo., April,15,190514
In Boston and Philadelphia14
Biographical Chevalier Ernest Thorne15
A Mental Calendar By John N. Hilliard ( Translated from L'Illusioniste)15
A Good Shot By C.M. Mahood15
Magician's Doings16
- Magic Shows16
- Vaudeville16
- In The Lyceum Filed16
- Entertainers17
- Notes From New Zealand17
- English Notes By Henry Whiteley17
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale18
Edna D. Herr Picture18
A New Color Changing Handkerchief Trick By Robert Gifford18
Some Confessions Of An Amateur Conjurer By Henry Ridgely Evans19
- Some Confessions (Continued)20

NO. 3: MAY 190525
Kansas City, Mo., May 15, 190526
The Timepiece And the Tool Chest Knauz, Wizard26
Four Disappearing Kings, An Effective Drawing Room Trick By Herbert Brooks27
Color Handkerchiefs And Paper Cylinder By Edward P. Schoell27
Supreme Card Effect By Fred J. Peters27
New Use For The Rice Bowls By L.C. Zelleno 27
Magician's Doings28
- Vaudeville28
- Magic Shows29
- Entertainers29
- English Notes Henry Whiteley29
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale30
A Day With Alexander The Great By Henry Ridgely Evans30
-Herrmann at 23 Picture31
Amateur's Column T.J. Crawford32
- The Mystic Entertainers32
- Karlemann32
- Billiard Ball Finish Russell, "The Mystifyer"32

NO. 4: JUNE 190537
Kansas City, Mo., June 15, 190538
Aerial Transportation By Fred J. Peters38
Biographical B.E. Hixson39
One Thing (Poem) By Clayton Wyatt39
Scott's Original "Cards From The Air" C. Pearson Scott39
Magician's Doings40
- In Vaudeville40
- Entertainers41
- New Zealand Notes41
- English Notes Henry Whiteley41
The Ball Of Wool Knaus, Wizard41
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale42
Among The Dealers42
A Day With Alexander The Great By Henry Ridgley Evans42
- Adelaide Herrmann Picture43
- "A Day" (Continued)44

NO. 5: JULY 190549
Kansas City, Mo., July 15,190550
Card And Handkerchief By Barton, The Merry Wizard50
Biographical Harry Stork51
Peter's Supreme Card Effect By Nelson Thorne51
Magician's Doings52
- In Vaudeville52
- Entertainers52
- New Zealand Notes52
- English Notes Henry Whiteley53
- Australian News By Louis Irving53
My Lady Magician (Poem) Melrose53
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale54
The Annual Banquet of S.A.M. Apres La Fete54
A New Card Effect For The Parlor By Albert Laudette55
Amateur's Column T.J. Crawford56
New Ink And Water Trick G.H. Thompson56
Rising Cards Karleman56
A Sleight With A Billiard Ball And A Handkerchief Alleno56

NO. 6: AUGUST 190561
Kansas City, Mo., August 15, 190562
An Interesting Series Of Candle Tricks By F.D. Hews (The White Yogi)62
Carries Thirteen Tons Of "Magic." Howard Thurston Show62
The Crucible Performed by Miss Lou Robinson63
Cards And Envelope By Alleno63
A Novel Card Trick For Ladies By Camella, The Mystic63
Magician's Doings64
- In Vaudeville64
- In The Lyceum Field64
- Notes From New Zealand64
- The Magic Circle Of Great Britain Maurice Garland65
- Australian Notes By Louis Irving65
- English Notes By Henry Whiteley 65
Amateur's Column T.T. Crawford66
- The Aspiring Amateur66
Thimble Production Ogden-Mafit66
Billiard Ball Manipulation By August J. Rehbein, "The Wizard Of Wonderland."66
A New Billiard Ball Vanish By Chas. O. Williams66
The Mystic Cage By J. Darst67
Mastodon Memory By J.M.Lawrence67
Book Notes67
The Obedient Card By Geo. H. Stipp (Nemo)68
One Way Of Getting Out Of An Unprepared Trunk By Louis N. Miller68
Among The Dealers68

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 190573
Kansas City. Mo., September 15, 190574
An Effective Opening Trick By Leonzo74
The Floating Ball By Harrison L. Davies75
The Latest Method Of Loading A Cannon Ball In A Hat By Arthur Newman75
The Laugh On Maro75
Magician's Doings76
- In Vaudeville76
- Magic Shows76
- Book Note76
- English Notes By Henry Whiteley77
- The Magic Circle Maurice Garland77
- London Letter By Maurice Garland77
Amateur's Column T. J. Crawford78
- Handkerchief Trick G.H. Thompson78
Practice (Poem) Bt Frederick Roche78
New Zealand Notes W.D. Leroy78
My Original 20th Century Table Lift By Louis N. Miller78
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale79
Secrets Of Success79
A Practical Use For The Card Back-palm By Chas. F. Hiestand79
Among The Dealers79
A Foot Ball Queen -An Illusion By James F. Kelly80

NO. 8: OCTOBER 190585
Kansas City, Mo., October 15, 190586
Did Not Know Audience86
Biographical Adelaide Herrmann87
To Shoot A Card On A Hat While On A Person's Head By Robert Gifford87
A Trick With Eggs By Prof. Gustav Miller87
Cigarette And Handkerchief Trick By Lithgow87
Magician's Doings88
- Magic Shows88
- Entertainers88
- In Vaudeville88
- London News By Maurice Garland89
- The Magic Circle Maurice Garland89
- S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale89
- English Notes Henry Whiteley90
- Notes From New Zealand90
- Australian Notes By Louis Irving90
- News From Mexico W.D.Leroy91
Miniture Working Models Ellison Library91
A Suggestion On De Kolta's Card Rising Trick By Prof. Gustav Miller91
Mechanical Coin Fakes By L. Cohen92
A Good Card Trick For The Parlor By Hugh Mulloy92
Up-To-Date Don'ts92
The Will-O-Wisp Ring By Will Eske, "Sphinx wizard"93
New Flag Vase93
Handkerchief Color Change By Drawing Through Hand By Robert Gifford93
Among The Dealers94
My Original Cigar Manipulation By Louis N. Miller94

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1905970
Kansas City, Mo., November 15, 190598
A New "Change Over" With A Lighted Cigarette By Leonzo98
Biographical Dr. Emil Bories99
When Speech Was Golden99
Poem The Kardells99
New Spirit Cabinet By "Russell, The Mystifier99
Magician's Doings100
- In Vaudeville100
- Entertainers101
- Magic Shows101
- Australian Notes By Louis Irving101
- English Notes By Henry Whiteley102
- London News Maurice Garland102
To Drive A Pin Through The Forehead And Pull It Out Of The Back Of Your Neck By Robert Gifford102
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale103
How Maro Got His Check Cashed103
Artesian Pitcher By Ora S. Harmas104
Feats Of The Flimflammers Palmer - Hilliard104
Book Notes105
Among The Dealers106
Handkerchief Sleight By Robert Gifford106
Improved Attachment for Fire Bowl By Louis N. Miller106

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1905109
Kansas City, Mo., Decewmber 15, 1905110
Critics And Criticism By Frederick E. Powell110
Biographical Harry S. Thompson111
Cadek's Magic Table By V. Cadek111
Maro Appreciated111
Magician's Doings112
- In Vaudeville112
- Magic Shows112
- New Zealand Notes113
- The Magic Circle Of Great Britain113
- S.A.M/ Notes Oscar S. Teale113
- Entertainers113
Keller And Valadon By John N. Hilliard114
Greeting To The Fraternity (Poem) By C.B. Campbell (Camella) 114
Wooden Ball Trick By Zelleno, The Mystic114
Ballade Of The Sphinx (Poem) By John N. Hilliard115
Coin Production By James W. Griffen115
Spirit Handkerchief Production By Robert Gifford115
Handkerchief Change By James W. Griffin115
Mechanical Coin Fekes By L. Cohen116
The Dagger Test By R.I. Holbrook117
Modern Don'ts117
Among The Dealers118
Sublett's Wonder cabinet118

NO. 11: JANUARY 1906121
Kansas City, Mo., Januarty 15, 1906122
Biographical J.H. Wessling123
Chosen Card Found By Clairvoyant Touch 123
Cards From Air By G.H. Thompson123
Magician's Doings124
- In Vaudeville124
- Entertainers124
- Magic Shows125
- British Magical Society By Wm. Ferguson, M.B.M.S125
- New Illusion Coming The Mascot Moth125
- English Notes Henry Whiteley125
- New Zealand Notes125
- S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale126
Mesmeric Sympathy By "Zelo" 126
The Enchanted Coins By Henry Hardin127
A Coin Interlude By Chris Bern128
Mind-Reading With Cards128
The Miniature Organ Pipes By Robert Gifford128
Herrmann Outdone - An Interlude129
Among The Dealers130

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1906133
Kansas City, Mo., February 15, 1906134
The Amateur Department By T.J. Crawford134
Biographical Harry Kellar135
"Just Watch This" (An Impromptu Trick) By Leonzo135
A Marvelous Card Trick By Harry Whiteley135
A Card Curiosity By Zelleno, The Mystic135
Magician's Doings136
- Magic Snows136
- In Vaudeville136
- Entertainers136
Combination Card Trick By G.H. Thompson136
Why The Audience Laughed136
English Notes Henry Whiteley137
Harness Rings And Bowl By Zelleno, The Mystic137
Helms, The Magician, Mystified By A Queer Incident138
A Floating Ball By "Mirabile"139
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale139
Mechanical Coin Fekes By L. Cohen140
Casting Pearls140
Handkerchiefs To Flag By H.H.Hammond140
Salesroom Atlas Trick Co. Picture140
The "Wise Guy" (Poem) Chas. Shepherd141
Carl Herrmann And Indians Picture141

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