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The Sphinx Volume 7 (Mar 1908 - Feb 1909)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 7 (Mar 1908 - Feb 1909) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19081
Kansas City, Mo., March 15, 19082
Heard At The Seance Joke2
Biographical Maro3
The Magic Spell By Chas. Shepherd3
Card And Handkerchief Combination By Will Edwards3
Magician's Doings4
Cross Escape Or Cross Substitution4
The Disappearing Egg By Louis C. Haley5
Coin Effect By Dr. Blanchard5
Lecture On Thoughts (Explanations) By Maxime Cadet6
Handkerchief Color Change By Jacob Chasnoff6
The "Acme" Card Trick By Chas. G. Shepherd6
How Sad (Poem) By Will Edwards6
The Card And Jug Trick By Charles Medrington7
A Novel Card Trick by Henry D. Grout7

NO. 2: APRIL 190813
Kansas City, Mo., April 15, 190814
Biographical Harry A. Sears15
Changing Confetti by Simms15
Magician's Doings16
A Problem In Billiard Balls By Montgomery F. Crowe16
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale17
Extracts from My Program By David P. Abbott18
Book Notes19
Sliding Dice Box Trick By Edward Reno20
"The Sphnix" Picture22

NO. 3: MAY 190825
Kansas City, Mo., May 15, 190826
Magician's Doings27
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale28
Merlin's Aquarium By Douglas G. Halley29
Here And There - An Illusion By Will Edwards30
Another Goner By C.S. Weller31
Improved Ink And Water Trick By Raymeen Stone31
Telling His Mind32

NO. 4: JUNE 190837
Kansas City, Mo., June 15, 190838
Society Of Boston Magicians 2nd Annual Dinner38
The Lightning Change Artist By Will Edwards39
The Phantom Ball By R. Shrimplin39
Magician's Doings40
Notes from New Zealand By H.G. Browne41
Society Detroit Magicians Annual Banquet41
The Milk Can Escape By James A. Hart41
A Simple Sleight By J. Thomas Rhamstine41
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale42
- 4th Annual Banquet42
- Cartoon By Roy L. M'Cardell43
Advertising In Columbo Picture44
The Shadowman By W. Lukesh45
Confessions Of An Amature Magician By Henry Ridgely Evans46
The Great Handcuff Act By Harry Helms47
The Magic Kettle VS. The Magic Metal (Gold)48
How To Make 100 Umbrella Flowers For 75 Cents48
Ball Profonde By J. Thomas Rhamstine49

NO. 5: JULY 190853
Kansas City, Mo., July 15, 190854
Biographical Henry Hardin55
A Practical Hint By Walter S. Kaye55
Tricks With Tumblers And Coins55
The X-Ray Card Trick By Geo. H. Stipp55
The Australian Society Of Magicians55
Magician's Doings56
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott57
Flower Balls58
Original Ball Sleights By Will Edwards59
The Changing Die By Gylleck60
British Magical Society Fred Walker60
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale61
A Little Lay Sermon61

NO. 6: AUGUST 190865
Kansas City, Mo., August 15, 190866
Liverpool Society - Proceedings Prof. J. Meadows66
Biographical W.E. Floyd67
The Bangs Sisters' Spirit Pictures Rev. A.T. Osbron67
The Changing Court Cards By R. Shrimplin67
Magician's Doings68
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale69
The Aerial Hindoo Casket By Will Edwards70
Australian Notes By C. Howard Irving70
An Original Suggestion By Louine (Louis N. Miller)70
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott71
Another X-Ray Card Trick By Chas. J. Hagen72
A Stunt by Henry Gavin72

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 190877
Kansas City, Mo., 15, 190878
Biographical David Devant79
Peeping By Geo. H. Stipp79
Magician's Doings80
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale81
Some Pumpkins Picture82
New Konjuring Kinks By Burling Hull82
Deck Changing Device By Russell83

NO. 8: OCTOBER 190889
Kansas City, Mo., October 15, 190890
Death (Poem) By Harry Helms90
Biographical Theo. L. DeLand, Jr.91
British Magical Society91
A Real Pipe Dream By W.G. Edwards91
Eggs And Decanter By L. Cohen91
Magician's Doings92
Louine's Coin Vanish By Harry Louine93
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale93
Told The Future (Joke)93
Levitation Of A Hat By W.G. Edwards94
Hang Your Hat On A Lead Pencil94
My Original Twenty Century Table Lift By Harry Louine94
Epigrams By Chas. Roltare94
The Vanishing Coins By Gulleck95
Improved Egg, Egg Bag And Handkerchief Trick By Ramo (Raymond Stone)96
Another X-Ray Card Trick By Ellsworth Lyman96
Vanishing A Glass Of Water With A Borrowed Handkerchief By Dr. Blanchards96
A Coin Change In Person's Hand By Carl Stilwell96
The Magic Dealer Of The Future97
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott97
- "Extracts" (Continued)98

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1908105
Kansas City, Mo., November 15, 1908106
A Useful Servante By Douglas G. Halley106
Fadeaway (Poem)106
Biographical Will G. Edwards107
Epigrams By Chas. Roltare107
The Invisable Flight Of Handkerchiefs By Herr Jansen107
Magician's Doings108
Canary Bird Production By Russell109
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale109
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott110
- "Extracts" (Continued)111
An Aid To Billiard Ball Manipulation By A.H. Mosher112
Topsy Turvey By Louine112
Alfred Benzon L.A. Daily Times116
Carl Willmann Invades America118

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1908121
Kansas City, Mo., December 15, 1908122
A New Card Rise By Ellsworth Lyman122
Bigraphical Francis J. Martinka123
Magician's Doings124
Elliot's Billiard Palm Transfer By Dr. Elliot124
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale125
Three In One. One In Three by W.G. Edwards126
The Northern Magical Society127

NO. 11: JANUARY 1909137
Kansas City, Mo., January 15, 1909138
Society Of Providence (R.I.) Magicians W. Marshall Peck138
Usefull Adjuncts To Magic By W. G. Edwards138
Biographical Theo. Bamberg (Okito)139
A Few Card Combinations By Trebor139
At Long Last We Have It The Art Of Magic139
Magician's Doings140
English Notes140
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale141
The Appearing Magician By Benedict142
- The Appearing Magician Continued143
Elliot's Original Production Of A Card Or Cards By Dr. Elliot144

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1909153
Kansas City, Mo., February 15, 1909154
The Reversed Card By Sturgess154
Biographical W.D. Leroy155
Egg Bag And Flag Trick By The Great Tally155
Magician's Doings156
Providence Society Of Magicians157
English Notes By Fred Sinclair157
Rising Card From The Pocket By Jos. J. Kolar158
The Move That Mystified Downs By Slygo158
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott159
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale160
Robert Heller Picture160
- Heller News Ad161
Elliot's Original Coin Trick by Dr. Elliot161
The Nameless Card Trick By Paul Fleming162
Get There (Poem) By Oscar S. Teale162
Floating Card163

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