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Wanna Bet?
by Frances Marshall

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Wanna Bet? by Frances Marshall

A lively and interesting, compelling collection of little known ideas, often referred to as "betchas". Bet you a drink you can't do so and so like pushing a quarter through a dime sized hole. You may know that one but there are dozens here that are fresh and different, and will get your spectators really involved with your challenges.

Great for bars, lunch table, offices, coffee break, parties, hospitality suites, young peoples affairs, etc. Although you introduce them as an impromptu stunt, you actually have a set program in mind for best results. These amusing little gags can make you the life of the party or gathering - they avoid the dull moments.

Seventy five betchas in the ebook. Start to use them now.

  • Smoker's Gag
  • Spike Driver
  • Strong Woman
  • Bottle And Paper
  • Trying To Break An Egg
  • Balancing Forks
  • Acrobatic Egg
  • Break A Match
  • Just Lift My Hand
  • Blow Me Over!
  • How Strong Are You?
  • Drop The Handkerchief
  • Pick Up A Girl
  • Power!
  • Egg Transfer
  • Don't Let Me Drink!
  • Sex Detector
  • Two Heads Are Better ...
  • "If It Stands On End ... !"
  • Card Trick
  • Beer Spirits
  • Choosy Pepper
  • Bottoms Up
  • The Walking Dime
  • Label Up
  • Fireproof Handkerchief
  • Three Matches
  • Boil Water In A Bag
  • Catch The Loop
  • Penny Toss
  • A Wet Tip
  • Nickel And Dime
  • The Match Drop
  • A Hot Challenge
  • Heads Or Tails
  • Catch The Bill
  • On Target!
  • The Piggy Back Caper
  • The Prisoner
  • A Wet Stunt
  • Baseball Prediction
  • Push The Hat
  • Footsie
  • So Near & Yet So Far
  • Yes!
  • Bee-Have!
  • Soft Glass
  • Tear-Ible
  • Bill Under Bottle
  • Slippery Quarter
  • Smart Matches
  • Friendly Coins
  • Sticky Dime
  • The Cup Game
  • The Rising Spoon
  • Sweet Fire
  • Floating Egg
  • Collusion With The Cook
  • Match Box Tunnel
  • Finger Power
  • Word Trap
  • Nickel And Penny Stunt
  • Card Trick
  • Broom Spectacular
  • The News In Hand
  • Spool Mystery
  • Powerful Ash
  • Tearing A Phone Book In Half
  • Break The Pencil
  • A Unique Sight
  • Try To Break A Match Box
  • Coins And Glass
  • The Much Folded Newspaper
  • Eight Match Stunt
  • More With Eight Matches

1st edition 1969, 28 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 25 pages.
word count: 7530 which is equivalent to 30 standard pages of text