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ESP Card Magic Vol. 6: Various Authors Part 2

by Aldo Colombini
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ESP Card Magic Vol. 6: Various Authors Part 2 by Aldo Colombini

This is the sixth in a series of download DVDs dedicated to tricks and routines using ESP cards. This volume 6 features routines by a range of famous authors.


  • QUINTUPLICATE COINCIDENCE (Arthur Carter): The deck is shuffled and dealt into five packets. Five cards are placed as predictions. Five spectators shuffle each packet and pick a card each: They match the prediction.
  • MENTAL TEKEL (Max Maven): A spectator freely picks a card from a red-backed deck. Your blue-backed card matches the selection.
  • A CUT ABOVE (Marcello Truzzi): A 'paper sleeve' containing a piece of paper with five ESP symbols is cut at random by a spectator cutting through an ESP sign (free cut). It matches the previous sign selected from a packet of cards. Great method. Great routine.
  • ESP FOOL'S MATE (Nick Trost and Aldo Colombini): You place a red-backed card on the table (say the Cross). A spectator freely selects a card from a packet and this card is a Square. You show all the other cards being Crosses. Finally, the red card changes into a Square.
  • KLONDIKE ESP (Werner Miller): From a shuffled deck one card is placed aside and two spectators place pairs of cards on the table. Only two pairs match with the single card (e.g. all Stars).
  • ESP, MAGIC OR COINCIDENCE? (Paul Hallas): Eight cards are shown and shuffled. Three spectators pair the cards by using the words ESP or MAGIC.
  • MAKING THE POINT (Karl Fulves): Using two regular dice, a spectator finds two matching pairs from a shuffled deck.
  • ESPIAL (Aldo Colombini): A combination of ESP cards and a regular deck of playing cards with a strong prediction with two cards having a Square and a Circle cut-out in the middle. Novelty effect.
  • EITHER/OR (Stephen Minch): Two spectators pick a card using a freely chosen number and you can immediately name the two symbols chosen! Clever subtlety.
  • VISION ESP (Armand Porcell): The deck is riffle shuffled (even by a a spectator) and five cards are taken. You immediately name them.

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