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Chess, the royal game, with its 32 pieces, 64 squares and a few simple rules, provides novices and masters alike a constant source of new challenges. Chess is a game that never gets boring. With our ebooks improve your tactics and strategies for the middlegame, your knowledge of openings and your preparation for the endgame.

Today with online chess, for example the popular yahoo chess, there is always somebody available to play a game with. You can also challenge the computer here. Or try a game of speed chess or solve a difficult chess problem.

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Igor Smirnov
The Grandmaster's Positional Understanding by Igor Smirnov

Here I reveal EVERYTHING about Chess Strategy. Allowing you to take your play to the NEXT level.

Why do STRONGER players play better than the average club player?

Why is it that they WIN games and tournaments almost ALL the time...and some players can't even keep a positive score? The answer obviously is this:

Stronger players UNDERSTAND chess better!

No, they don't just calculate variations. Strong players don't just memorize opening lines. They don't just look for tactics every move. What set really strong players ahead of the pack is their DEEP and CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of the game....

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Igor Smirnov
Self-Taught Grandmaster: Chess Training Course by Igor Smirnov

This is your guide towards high chess achievements! You'll know WHAT and HOW you should train (+ the best training materials).

Why do Some Players Play BETTER Than Others?

Really, why? A lot of people play and study chess. However, only 1-3% of players have really good achievements (titles, prizes...). What is different about this successful minority from the rest? It is NOT a matter of talent. I have observed thousands of different players, and I can state it with confidence. Yes, you need to have chess talent for the highest chess achievements (over 2600-2700 rating). However, anyone...

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Igor Smirnov
The Grandmaster's Secrets: Beginner Chess Course by Igor Smirnov

This contains the MOST essential principles of chess. Showing you how to think like a strong player step-by-step.

  • Do you want to get the concrete guide on what and how exactly you should train to become a Grandmaster?
  • Do you want to know how Grandmasters think during a game of chess?
  • Do you want to know the secrets of the professional players' success?
Then you are welcome to the Remote Chess Academy, which will help you to improve your skills at least to the International Master's level (proven by practice!)


Every chess player wants to improve himself and make progress,...

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Small Silicone Chess Board (10" x 10") by

This is a 10" x 10" chess board (square size is 1 1/4"). The overall size of the silicone sheet is 10 1/4". There is no alphanumeric notation on the border. (If you do need it simply take a Sharpie and add it yourself.)

The primary advantage of this small roll up chess board is mobility. The no-memory-effect silicone material allows you to roll it tightly, fold it, or just squeeze it together anyway you like, and still have the board open flat and stay flat instantly. The problem with vinyl boards is that they tend to roll up by themselves particularly if stored for longer time in a rolled...

★★★★ $14.95
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Vladimir Vukovic
Art of Attack in Chess by Vladimir Vukovic

One of the finest chess books ever written, now in the revised algebraic edition. The author expounds both the basic principles and the most complex forms of attack on the king.

[Note: This ebook is in ChessBase format. You will need ChessBase, the free version ChessBase Light, or any other chess software which can read the CBV format (Fritz, Shredder, Junior). Remember that ChessBase and ChessBase Light do export to PGN.]

1st edtion 1998

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ChessBase (CBV)

Emil Kemeny
The Monte Carlo Tournament of 1903 by Emil Kemeny

The 3rd international chess tournament in Monte Carlo was held from 10th February to 17th March 1903. World champion Lasker did not take part; he had just taken up residence in St. Louis, USA, as assistant professor of mathematics. Because of various disputes with the tournament management, Gunsberg, Janowski and Tschigorin had been disqualified.

Playing were the Hungarian Maroczy, the winner of the 1902 Monte Carlo tournament; the American champions Marshall and Pillsbury; the Viennese Marco, Schlechter and Wolf; the Englishmen Mason and Teichmann; Albin, Moreau and Taubenhaus from Paris;...

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Chris Wasshuber
Knight's Tour: With Free Choice of Start and End by Chris Wasshuber

"I will sum up your Knight's Tour routine as follows, IT IS BRILLIANT!" - David Burmeister

In the late 1980s I developed a method for the Knight's Tour which allows a spectator a truly free choice for the starting square and ending square of opposite color (same color start and end is mathematically impossible).

This manuscript describes in detail this method. The method attempts to minimize memorization and teaches you a system to derive a proper complete tour on the spot. The method is so flexible that you can find several different tours for one pair of start and end points. Of...

★★★★★ $25
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The Adventures of Ajeeb - The Wonderful Chess Automaton by unknown

From an old description:

Ajeeb, who recently completed a tour across the United States, meeting all state champions and whose record remains undefeated, is now at the Steel Pier, Atlantic City, meeting all comers at checkers.

Ajeeb's wizardry at chess and checkers is world renowned, and its secret mechanism has baffled mankind since 1769, the year in which it was devised.

During its career, this marvelous automaton has humbled in chess not only the masters of the world, but the greatest soldier of them all - Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ajeeb's mysterious mechanism, its uncanny ability to...

★★★★★ $5
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Lev Alburt & Al Lawrence
Chess Rules of Thumb by Lev Alburt & Al Lawrence

This ebook gives you the winning principles of chess in clear, short statements. Three-times U.S. Champion Lev Alburt and World Chess Hall of Fame Curator Al Lawrence have put together three centuries of insights from the masters. Fun to browse or to read from cover-to-cover, it's a book that all chess players, from beginners to grandmasters, will enjoy for a lifetime.

Backed up with diagrams and illustrations to help you remember key principles, a glossary of essential chess terms and a rundown on all major openings, Chess Rules of Thumbs will improve your chess play. And it's great fun...

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Henry Edward Bird
Chess Novelties by Henry Edward Bird

This is a book on creative, innovative and unusual openings. Prof. Hoffmann writes in the introduction "With the courage of his opinion, Mr. Bird has decided to embody these tabooed openings and games arising from them in an independent volume. Here in black and white he has set down the heterodoxies of which he is accused, and he submits them to the judgment not alone of critics who have pinned their faith to certain special lines of play, but to that of the whole Chess world."

1st edition, 1895; 344 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction by Professor Hoffman
  3. Preliminary Remarks
  4. As to Originality of Invention ...
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