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    How to do Punch and Judy by Sidney de Hempsey    Punch and Judy by Sydney de Hempsey    Rocky Workshop by Greg McMahan    Puppetrix Supreme by Stanton Carlisle

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How to do Punch and Judy

Sidney de Hempsey

How to do Punch and Judy by Sidney de HempseyIn this very comprehensive ebook by a master Punch performer, you get an education in an art that will pay you well, if you want to use it to make money. Too few magicians have anything to offer but magic, and in some cities, too many are trying for the same jobs. "Punch" is a great addition to any magician's repertoire. Added to his magic show, it is a riotous finale. Sold separately, it is a show in itself.


  • Reminiscences of a Punch Man - Delightful reading and great background for this new art you are studying.
  • The Complete Punch & Judy Play
"Punch" is based on dialogue...
2018 / 4 / 16

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Punch and Judy

Sydney de Hempsey

Punch and Judy by Sydney de HempseyThis is the complete dialog for the presentation of PUNCH and JUDY.

The figures used in this dialog and in order of their appearance are as follows: Punch — Dog Toby — Judy — Baby — Beadle or Policeman — Joey the Clown — Crocodile — Ghost — Doctor.

In addition to the above, the following properties are used: Punch's stick — Sausages — Frying Pan — Gallows — Coffin — The Pall.

1st digital edition 2016, 10 pages.

2016 / 8 / 14

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Rocky Workshop

Greg McMahan

Rocky Workshop by Greg McMahanSpring Animal puppets are a powerful addition to any children's show and these notes will really improve your routines. If you use a spring animal or puppet in your show (or plan to), this ebook is for you.

Turn your ordinary spring animal puppet into a real character in your show...

  • Material & Tools you'll need: You're going to be working with leather, a metal spring, a tail and sewing. Here's the tools and materials used in the workshop.
  • Transferring the old spring into a new body: Usually the outer "skin" wears out faster than the spring. You may also want to convert a different animal...
2014 / 3 / 25

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Puppetrix Supreme

Stanton Carlisle

Puppetrix Supreme by Stanton CarlisleFrom the introduction by Edwin Hooper:
Stanton Carlisle is well-known for his many articles on mentalism which have appeared in The Magigram Magazine. Stanton is more than a mentalist, being a general all-round magical performer who has played practically every type of engagement - not only with mentalism but with magic, ranging from sophisticated Night Club dates to children's parties. At these parties, puppets have played their part.

We are delighted that Stanton has released some of his very excellent routines and bits of business for those children's entertainers who are thinking of adding a puppet or...

2013 / 2 / 8

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