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Enigma was the first 'video only' magic magazine, delivered on a DVD. Hosted by magician Chuck "Stylesmith" Smith, each disc covers the world of magic in a series of performances, visits, lectures and round table discussions.

Unfortunately Enigma was discontinued after issue 6.

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Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
Enigma 6 by Chuck Smith & Chris Smith

This is the final two disc issue.

  • A Profile of Mark Wilson
  • A Profile of Lee Grabel
  • Jeff McBride's Mystery School
  • One on one with Terry Seabrooke
  • The many faces of Taylor Martin
  • A Tour of the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA
  • Card effects and theory with Ed Ellis
  • A visit to Fantasma magic shop in New York City
  • An interview with Steve Bargatze
  • A tour of Marshall Brodien's home museum
  • Kid and corporate magic with Tommy Jones
  • Terry Evanswood and the Magic Beyond Belief show in Pigeon Forge, TN
  • The midnight tour of the Colon cemetery
  • New York City's Edison Hotel magic meeting
  • Jay Leslie's historic...
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Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
Enigma 5 by Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
  • Veteran magician Jack Kodell discusses his many firsts in magic, including creating the world's first bird act and performing in Las Vegas
  • We travel to Pigeon Forge, TN for the 33rd Winter Carnival of Magic and find a genuine warmth toward all magicians
  • Fantasio sits down with Stylesmith and reveals the secrets of his success, starting with his immigration to America
  • Lecture star Tom Craven gives Stylesmith an idea of what it's like to constantly be on the road throughout the fifty states.
  • If you've ever wondered what it takes to take an illusion show on the road, Aaron Radatz gives you the low down.
  • Stylesmith...
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Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
Enigma 4 by Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
  • Magic legend John Calvert talks with Stylesmith about everything from Hollywood to plane crashes to his first meeting with Tammy.
  • Linda and Tom graciously welcome us into their magic shop, The Cuckoo's Nest, situated in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA.
  • The best thing for frigid weather is the Daytona Beach Festival of Magic, as Harry and Irv keep things heated up.
  • Denny Haney takes time out to sit with Stylesmith and reminisce about his career, his mentors and a few of his secrets.
  • George Schindler, John Bohannon and Tom Klem give us not only the history behind the Houdini gravesite, but also a broken wand ceremony. ...
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Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
Enigma 3 by Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
  • Marshall Brodien reminisces about growing up in Chicago and what lured him into selling on TV.
  • Emory Williams takes us on a tour of his magic shop in Tucson, AZ, and shows how he competes with the Internet.
  • We discover that the Abbott's Get Together is more than just a convention; for a week you become family.
  • Celeste Evans sits down with Stylesmith and describes what life was like on the road for a female magician from Canada.
  • Jerry Conklin gives George Schindler a tour of the Colon cemetery, each giving insights on the famous names found there.
  • Ed Ellis, the fastest hands in the world,...
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Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
Enigma 2 by Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
  • Bev Bergeron talks about his life in magic, from tent shows and Disney World to television.
  • Tom and Denny give us a tour of Denny & Lee's in Las Vegas, and invite us to their "open mic".
  • We visit Louisville, KY for the S.A.M. convention and watch as they bring out the stars.
  • Ali Bongo sits down with Stylesmith to recount how experiences in his life helped spark his magic.
  • Norm Nielson invites us to view his legendary poster collection, and we bring the camera along.
  • Ed Ellis, the fastest hands in the world, shows us how to create a better card effect.
  • Kevin Spencer shows us the benefits of getting...
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Chuck Smith & Chris Smith
Enigma 1 by Chuck Smith & Chris Smith

Enigma is a DVD magic magazine. It is a family production of Chuck "Stylesmith" Smith and his son Chris Smith. Both are professionals in the video production business and both are magic enthusiasts.

The real value of Enigma for me personally is that I can see how some of the most recognized people in magic really are. We are invited to the homes of magic collectors or Chuck sits down for a chat with performers, dealers and other luminaries. It is a video record of our community. In a few years these discs will be highly sought after because they will hold some unique clips of people we cherish...

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)