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The revolution of 3D printing has started to impact all kinds of industries. Magicians have traditionally been very good at making use of new technologies. We at have decided to continue this tradition and apply 3D printing to unique and unusual gimmicks, utility devices and tricks.

We have our own 3D printers and we will work directly with designers, magicians and inventors to manufacture short runs of highly specialized magic props.

If you have an idea or even better already a design for an item that you think could be 3D printed, please get in touch with us. We are happy to help you bring it to market.

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Chris Wasshuber
Blistr by Chris Wasshuber

Blistr is a new card punch with two important differences to more traditional card punches. First, it is built like a pair of small pliers and therefore very easy to use. The pliers are a flexure design 3D printed from durable plastic. (Starting design was created by BYU Compliant Mechanisms Research which I modified to fit my needs.) Second, this punch creates a bigger smoother blister than needle-based punches. The tip is not sharp and therefore does not punch through the playing card. For many, this will be easier to feel than a fine needle prick. The blister is a half-dome about 1 mm in diameter. The...

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Chris Wasshuber
Card Punch by Chris Wasshuber

This is a card punch 3D printed from durable plastic. A card punch is used to mark cards imperceptible to people who are unfamiliar with it. If you do not know how to use it this item is not for you. There will be no instructions supplied with the item.

The primary innovation in this model, besides that it is 3D printed, is a screw-needle combination which makes adjusting the depth of the punch a breeze. Simply turn the screw a bit more in or out to set the needle tip deeper or higher. If you have moderately strong fingers you will be able to turn the screw by hand. Or use a small hex key...

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Tommy Wonder & Chris Wasshuber
Frozen Lock Improved by Tommy Wonder & Chris Wasshuber

In the second volume of The Books of Wonder Tommy Wonder describes what he calls a Frozen Lock. This is a utility device for the Jack Miller holdout, but it can also be used for other holdouts and pulls. It allows one to keep the holdout higher up in the sleeve until you want to lower it. Exactly how this works and how it should be used is something you will need to read in Tommy's book. This item comes with no instructions. I am assuming customers know how it is being used.

Tommy Wonder produced his lock from brass. However, brass is not necessarily the best material for this type of device, because...

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Chris Wasshuber
Watch Winder: noise maker by Chris Wasshuber

This little tool produces a clicking or ratcheting noise and is typically used for comedy bits to wind up a watch or crack somebodies arm or neck and other bits.

The starting design came from Randi Middleton who gave me permission to use it anyway I like. I have made several changes to the design, rounded some corners and edges so that it feels better in the hand. Since I am using a stronger material I also could thin up the walls to make it slimmer and I optimized the tongue shape to maximize the noise. I also improved 3D printability. The biggest change is in my use of materials. The housing...

★★★★★ $12.50
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Lubor Fiedler & Chris Wasshuber
Gozinta Boxes Revisited by Lubor Fiedler & Chris Wasshuber

Lubor Fiedler's Gozinta Boxes is my all time favorite illusion. It has been so ever since I first saw it performed decades ago. I love the simplicity, clarity, and impossibility of the effect. Two boxes. One clearly larger than the other, because one fits into the other. But wait - now the larger one is smaller and the smaller one is larger. Every child can understand the impossibility of this. It transcends any language or cultural barrier. Since no explanation is necessary the magic first happens on a very deep visceral level. But then when the mind kicks in and tries to find an explanation...

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Chris Wasshuber
Two Card Stand by Chris Wasshuber

This is a card stand for two cards (or one jumbo card) primarily for close-up use. The stand is semi-transparent and hides the number index sufficiently so that one cannot read it. One can see that something is there but not exactly what. The cards do not sit completely upright but tilted back by 10 degrees to improve visibility in a close-up setting.

The stand is 17 cm long, 17 mm high and it has a semi-circular cross section. The depth of the slit is 13 mm - meaning the bottom most 13 mm of a card will be hidden by the stand. The stand is short enough to be carried in an inside jacket pocket. ...

★★★★★ $14.50
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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)