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    Magic that Points to the Upward Life by Rev. Jim Dracup    Magic that Gives an Upward Lift by Rev. Jim Dracup    Magic with an Upward Look by Rev. Jim Dracup    Gospel Magic: performing as a business by Brian T. Lees    Magical Gospel Lessons by Rev. Lawrence Burden    Magic Sermonettes by Aldini    Lessons in Scripture by Rev. Donald E. Bodley    The Soldier's Prayer Book by Devin Knight    Modern Object Lessons 1 by David Gish    Magic for Ministers by Ted Voorhees    Paper Tearing by L. O. Brown

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Magic that Points to the Upward Life

Rev. Jim Dracup

Magic that Points to the Upward Life by Rev. Jim DracupHere is the third book in Rev. Jim Dracups gospel magic trilogy! The first two books, Magic With An Upward Look and Magic That Gives An Upward Lift have proven to be best-sellers. All the books in this three-book series are loaded with practical and audience-tested material. Each book contains so much material that you are sure to find an application for tricks you already own. (You will also find applications so perfect that you will convince yourself to buy the corresponding effect!) All of this stems from Jim Dracups extensive backgrounds in both gospel work and magic. Both have been his life work and these three books are the combined collection...
2017 / 4 / 4

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Magic that Gives an Upward Lift

Rev. Jim Dracup

Magic that Gives an Upward Lift by Rev. Jim DracupMagic That Gives an Upward Lift includes a section called "The Seed Basket". Here are many pages of outlines, ideas, quotations, illustrations and food for thought. This is material that can be incorporated into a patter line or story - or material that can be used just to inspire and get those brain cells working! Another special section of this ebook is called: "A Bit Of Humor". Over fifty pages of carefully selected gag lines, funny stories, daffynitions, puzzles, silly signs, one liners, etc. Special material for magicians and ministers and special material for an audience of children. ...
2017 / 4 / 4

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Magic with an Upward Look

Rev. Jim Dracup

Magic with an Upward Look by Rev. Jim DracupJim Dracup is the author of a long out of print book, A Magician Goes To Church. That book has become one of the most requested and sought after works in the field of gospel magic. Since the publication of that first book, Jim has been gathering material and perfecting and polishing the routines that he uses on a day to day basis. That material has been published in the form of Magic With An Upward Look. This is the first ebook in a trilogy of gospel magic ebooks by Reverend Dracup.

Magic With An Upward Look contains only the best and the brightest material. There is, for instance, a chapter...

2017 / 4 / 4

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Gospel Magic: performing as a business

Brian T. Lees

Gospel Magic: performing as a business by Brian T. LeesGospel magic can be done as a business. But there are steps in the planning process, research needed in the market place and calculations that have to be done first. There are times we can make the decision. Then there are others where the decision is made for us. This ebook will give you a strong foundation approach. It will identify how you determine expenses, project income and how to plan for your net profits. If you do your homework this book will identify if making an income is practical in your area.

Magicians perform Gospel magic for free, some charge to recover their expenses and...

2016 / 10 / 8

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Magical Gospel Lessons

Rev. Lawrence Burden

Magical Gospel Lessons by Rev. Lawrence Burden
  • Introduction
  • Dedication
  • The Creation, Fall, Restoration
  • A Witnessing Prisoner
  • When The King Returns
  • The Bread Of Life
  • The Box Of Prayer
  • The Restored Life
  • The Cleansing Channel Of Christ
  • Choose Ye Whom He Shall Serve
  • Time Is Vanishing
  • The Great Commission "Go"
  • The Resurrection Of Christ
  • Power Of Prayer
  • Resurrection Message "I Am The Resurrection And The Life."
  • God's Protecting Power
  • The Indestructible Bible
  • Sin Is A Destroyer
  • The Sticky Sin
  • The Rope Of Sin
  • A Sin Unto Death

PDF 29 pages.

2016 / 5 / 31

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Magic Sermonettes


Magic Sermonettes by Aldini24 routines for Magic Ministers
  1. The Die Box
  2. Twentieth Century Silks
  3. Napkin Magic
  4. Beauty Of Life
  5. Clipp-O
  6. Ball And Tube
  7. Afghan Band
  8. Blendo
  9. Vanishing Handkerchief Wand
  10. Six Bill Repeat
  11. Egg Bag Magic
  12. Color Change Handkerchief
  13. Soft Soap
  14. Siberian Chain Escape
  15. Golf Ball Routine
  16. Anti-Gravity Glasses
  17. Chinese Wands
  18. Silks From Paper
  19. Traveling Blocks
  20. Milk Pitcher Routine
  21. Water Lota
  22. Surprise Chick Pan
  23. "Salt-Go"
  24. Pencil To Silk

1st edition 1962, PDF 36 pages.

2015 / 12 / 11

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Lessons in Scripture

Rev. Donald E. Bodley

Lessons in Scripture by Rev. Donald E. BodleyPerform magic tricks with presentations related to passages from the bible. Also includes a section called Presenting The Program which helps you put everything together and dress it up.
  • Introduction
  • Magic Makes Lessons Effective
  • The Blood Of Jesus
  • I Was Only Foolin’
  • The Need For Missionaries
  • Parable Of The Mustard Seed
  • "The Lord Is Risen Indeed"
  • The Power Of God
  • A Christian Gone Sour
  • Filled With The Goodness Of God
  • The Loaves And The Fishes
  • The Full Armor Of God
  • Setting The Example
  • "A Little Child Shall Lead Them"
  • How Shall I Put A Program Together?
  • Dressing Things Up ...
2015 / 12 / 9

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The Soldier's Prayer Book

Devin Knight

The Soldier's Prayer Book by Devin KnightThis is an oldie but goodie, it helps solve a problem with certain church shows. Devin has often got phone calls from church groups asking for a magic show, but to not bring playing cards because the church frowns upon them as being sinful. Here is an effective and proven way to use playing cards in church groups that think cards are based on gambling and are of the devil. Yes, these people still exist today and this treatise gives an effective way to overcome this belief. Devin was raised in a household that forbid playing cards, but he used the technique in this e-book to change his family's...
2015 / 6 / 1

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Modern Object Lessons 1

David Gish

Modern Object Lessons 1 by David GishLegacy Magic released this book originally in 2012 and it was a huge success. This revised edition includes some minor edits and enhancements. Here you'll will find three simple yet poignant object lessons valuable for use with both children and teens. David is a performing magician who has spent years working in both churches and a broad array of secular venues. Let him pass on his insight to you on using magic to convey messages. Don't own expensive props? No problem!

David is a master at taking the simple and small and making it play BIG!

Don't forget to see the Appendix, which has...

2013 / 1 / 14

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Magic for Ministers

Ted Voorhees

Magic for Ministers by Ted VoorheesMagical Tricks Prepared for Teaching and Preaching Use

From the introduction:

The increasing problem of the church of today is to interest the young people in practical Christian service. The gospel message is as potent and powerful as ever, but the difficulty is to get young people to listen to it and to find preachers who can speak the language of the young people of today and make their message sufficiently attractive to challenge their attention.

Modern pedagogy is finding that object lessons are most efficient in teaching the young mind. We remember and understand so much more...

2012 / 1 / 13

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Paper Tearing

L. O. Brown

Paper Tearing by L. O. BrownAll you need is a piece of paper and your hands and you can follow along the instructions in this ebook. It is organized into 27 lessons and teaches many wonderful and fun shapes from the anchor to the sword and from the lighthouse to the dove. The goal is to tear and not to cut which means that this material is appropriate for children as well as adults.

Each tear is accompanied by patter to teach many spiritual truths. Although not magic by itself, this material is appropriate to be considered by the gospel magician.

1st edition 1921; 27 pages.
2008 / 8 / 2

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