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Magic Menu volume 1 (Sep 1990 - Aug 1991)

by Jim Sisti
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Magic Menu volume 1 (Sep 1990 - Aug 1991) by Jim Sisti

This is a compilation of issues 1 - 6.

  • Welcome
  • Editorial
  • Taking Tips: The Pros and Cons
  • Handling Unruly Spectators
  • Books: The Essential Library for the Working Pro
  • Reviews
    • "Close Up Illusions" by Gary Ouellet
    • "Aspen Bar Magic"
    • "Impossibilia" by John Bannon
    • "Misled" by Tim Wenk
    • "Dollar Monte" by Kennedy
    • "Hollyweird" by Christopher
  • Transmutation by Jim Sisti
  • Picks a Card by Chris Hurlbert and Neal Prete
  • Behind Bars

  • Why Does a Restaurant Need a Magician?
  • Editorial
  • Restaurant Magic for Children
  • The Best Videos for Working Pros
  • Reviews
    • "7 Secrets" by J. C. Wagner
    • "Professional Close-Up" by Leo Behnke
    • "Small World" Chris Hurlbert and Neal Prete
    • "The Remarkable Mister Gigwits" by Schuyler Irish
    • "The Creeps" by Ben Harris
    • "The Radar Deck" by Richard Osterlind
  • Changeling Cards by Skip Sansoucie
  • E-Z Copper-Silver Purse Transposition by Skip Sansoucie
  • Ambitious Card by Skip Sansoucie
  • Behind Bars

  • Hanging On To Your Job
  • Editorial
  • Landing Your First Restaurant Job!
  • Ask the Only by Al the Only
  • Reviews
    • "Ring Flite" by Allan Sherer
    • "Nomen Omen" by David Acer
    • "Focus" by Phil Goldstein
    • "Top Secret Stuff" by Michael Powers
    • "The Plots Thicken" by David Acer
    • "Art of Hopping Tables" by Mark Leveridge
  • The Camera Never Lies by David Acer
  • Transposition Ring Flight by David Acer

  • The Ten Commandements of Restaurant Magic
  • The Guru Speaks! A Brief Conversation with Eugene Burger
  • Ask the Only by Al the Only
  • Editorial
  • Strengthening Your Magic: Get their attention and keep it
  • Reviews
    • "Detectives" Laurence Levy
    • "Holey Terror II" by Michael Powers
    • "Spare Change" by David Acer
    • "Mark of the Pirate" by Joe Gattis
    • "ESPecially Wild" by Paul Hallas
    • "Auto Suggestion" by Bob Ostin
    • "Fly-Ring" by Mark Leveridge
    • "Encore 3" by Michael Ammar
    • "Trend Setters" by Harry Lorayne
    • "Spectacle" by Stephen Minch
    • "100% Sankey" by Richard Kaufman
  • Torn by Tabby Crabb
  • Nose to Nose by Neal Prete
  • E-Z Coin Matrix by Skip Sansoucie
  • 20th Century String by Jim Sisti
  • Spot the Dot by Chris Hurlbert
  • Behind Bars by Chris Hurlbert

  • A Philosophy of Magic by Michael Close
  • About Audience Management by Michael Close
  • About Michael Close
  • Psychic Entertainment Well Done by Bruce Rudolph
  • Ask the Only by Al the Only
  • In Memoriam Heba Haba Al by Max Maven
  • Reviews
    • "Professional Magician's Signed Card to Wallet" by Mark Leveridge
    • "Pickpocket" by David Acer
    • "T.D.C. Utility Holdout" by Dan Tong
    • "Tricked and Tricked Again" by Kirk Charles
    • "Restaurant and Table Magic" by Dan Tong
    • "Get Top Dollar Working Family Restaurants" Brian Flora
    • "Gary Kurtz - Unexplainable Acts" by Richard Kaufman
  • Waxed by Charles Greene
  • The Leather-Clad Stranger by David Acer and Jim Sisti
  • IMP.R.E.S*SIVE Card Revelation by Eric DeCamps
  • Four-Bit Advice by Doc Eason
  • Behind Bars by Chris Hurlbert

A special Ray Mertz issue.
  • Some Views On Close-Up Magic by Ray Mertz
  • At the Bar with Ray Mertz
  • Impressions: What do you portray? A philosophy on promotional communication by O'Malley
  • Ask the Only by Al the Only
  • Thinking on Your Feet: Thoughts on Strolling Magic by Scott Wells
  • Reviews
    • "Lin's Leap" by Alexander Y. Lin
    • "Animated Card Rise" by Christopher Tracy
    • "Key-Volution" by Mark Leveridge
    • "Golden Rainbow Stick" by Keith Walker
    • "The Very Best Yet - Commercial Close-Up and Stand-Up Magic" and "The Commercial Magic of Dan Fleshman" by Dan Fleshman
    • "Rocky Mountain Magic" by Doc Eason
    • "Workers Number One" by Michael Close
  • Yankee Doodle by Ray Mertz
  • All Wild by Ray Mertz
  • Easy Multiple Spellbound Plus by Ray Mertz
  • Commercial Insurance by Ray Mertz
  • Mirror Twist by Ray Mertz
  • Behind Bars by Chris Hurlbert
60 pages
word count: 39655 which is equivalent to 158 standard pages of text
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