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Magical Mish Mosh
by Al Cohen

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Magical Mish Mosh by Al Cohen

Excerpt from the introduction:

For a very long time people have gotten the idea that I'm a pretty fair magician ... this is my greatest trick of all!! I've been a magic dealer for over 35 years, a semi-retired performer, and a lover of the art for too many years to talk about. Very little I do is original and I don't really do it that well, BUT ... I do have a nice smile and a large mouth so people DO seem to enjoy my meager efforts...

  • A Magical Mish-Mosh (And Other Tricky Trivia)
  • The Magic Scroll
  • Milk To Dove
  • Dagger Dime
  • My Six Card Repeat
  • Two Coins And A Wineglass
  • The Peripatetic Dollar
  • Astral Ashes
  • "Always On"
  • Appearing Cane Thoughts
  • Thank You Mr. Vernet
  • Miscellaneous Mish Mosh
  • Wrist Tie Routine

1st edition 1985, PDF 18 pages.
word count: 5282 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text