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Al Mann
The Unknown Columbus by Al Mann

In 1477, a young Columbus made a voyage to the Arctic seas and then wrote notes telling us exactly where he had gone to. These well known notes have become "Mystery Notes" for no one in 500 years has been able to interpret them. Here for the first time is the expert interpretation, word for word of the Columbus "Mystery Notes." In short Columbus visited in 1477 a land that would later be called America! Please read the story, for it is truly breathtaking.

After a comprehensive examination of nautical tables, tide charts, various historical records, as well as notes by Columbus, Gilbert Aleman,...

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Barton Whaley
Sun Tzu: The Principles of War by Barton Whaley

A new translation of Sun Tzu's Classic book on war, designed specifically for soldiers intelligence specialists, deception analysts, and magicians!

  • Know your opponent and know yourself and savor a hundred victories in a hundred battles.
  • Know your opponent but don't know yourself and win only half your battles.
  • Know neither your opponent nor yourself and risk great peril.

Most translators and commentators of the previous 37 complete translations in English of Sun Tzu have interpreted this famous passage about knowing yourself and knowing your enemy and always winning...

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Arthur Herzog
McCarthy for President: The Candidacy That Toppled a President, Pulled a New Generation into Politics, and Moved the Country tow by Arthur Herzog

Written during Eugene's campaign the book attempts to portray the movement's excitement and potential.

McCarthy for President: the words recall an endeavor both brash and quixotic, unpredicted and unpredictable, a political campaign of permanent interest to voters and historians alike. Even in defeat the McCarthy movement racked up considerable success: the dramatic toppling of the President, pressure to initiate the Paris peace talks, the political involvement of most of the young generation, and a massive re-examination of the Democratic Party.

Arthur Herzog's account is no mere chronicle,...

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Arthur Herzog
The War-Peace Establishment by Arthur Herzog

An early review of the strategies of the military intellectuals, from maximum to minimum deterrence. The author chose minimum, today's American stance.

There has come to exist in the United States, as a result of the cold war, a body of specialists accustomed to dealing with issues of war and peace which may be described as a war-peace establishment. It is clear that there are important divisions of viewpoint in the United States, especially among those who have concerned themselves most with it, on the question of what to do about the threat of thermonuclear war. To some, risks must not...

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Ben Robinson
The MagiCIAn: John Mulholland's Secret CIA Life by Ben Robinson

The only biography of the master magician and spy instructor John Mulholland including his work for the CIA.

"John Mulholland is surely one of the most fascinating personalities in magic history. For his work to advance conjuring as a recognized art, he deserves tremendous respect, and no serious student of magic will want to skip this book." - Michael Claxton, Magic Magazine, Feb 2009.

"I can even imagine him up in heaven huddling with Christopher, Houdini, Blackstone and Thurston as they discuss your biography. Their applause is loud enough to be heard on planet Earth." - Maurine Brooks Christopher

"I am an avid reader of books, all...

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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)