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Sponsored Shows by Brian T. Lees

Businesses have to promote themselves, even through the pandemic. Media today is extremely expensive and sponsorship is a very attractive alternative for them. The impact and long-range potentials are a win/win situation for both the business and the magician. This ebook gets you started with sponsors and identifies the "hot spots" you need to mention as you speak with them.

  • Business Basics
  • Basic Marketing
  • Sponsors
  • Sources to Consider
  • Approaches
  • Calendar and Files
  • Wrapping it Up

1st edition 2021, PDF 20 pages.
word count: 5540 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text

Reviewed by V D (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 21 October, 2021

Unfortunately this must have been one of the most disappointing downloads for me, ever. Poorly written, wordy, repetitive, and outdated. The premise - a discussion on the sponsorship for the shows - is barely touched upon. You do learn how to hang flyers to the billboard, how to write a scheduled date into your calendar, and other items that have little to do with what you want to learn from this book. Lots of filler. The information that does concern sponsoring of shows could have been written in maximum one paragraph, no more. I also didn't appreciate the fact that the book description makes reference to the pandemic, with the obvious implication that the information provided is the most up-to-date. It's not at all. There is no mention of the internet at all as if it did not exist. The sponsoring party will sponsor your magic because that's a cheaper alternative to paying for a TV ad, and that's true. But what about other means for companies to market their products? For example, SOCIAL MEDIA?!? No mention of it at all. It really felt to me that the booklet was written 20-30 years ago, with a few "modern" words squeezed in last minute - such as "pandemic", "YouTube", "mobile phone". Heavily overpriced in my opinion.