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SYN by Dee Christopher

Since Uri Geller began bending spoons back in the 70's, this metal bending skill has fascinated all magicians and mentalists as well as captivating any audiences that bear witness to it.

Two coins are picked from a handful of change and held at finger tips, the spectator selects one and holds that in their hand, the performer begins to concentrate and gently wave the coin he is left with.

It begins to bend.

While the coin in plain sight is bending, the participant claims to feel the coin in their hand bending in synchronicity.

The hand is opened to reveal the newly bent coin as the performer's coin is dropped to meet it.

Simple, direct and ultra-high impact, SYN teaches you a new way to utilize a classic optical technique, a new dual-coin plot for metal bending demonstrations and all the psychology, scripting, tips and tricks that will turn this single routine into a reputation maker for you.

Dee Christopher outlines everything you need to know to start performing this today and teaches you how to get stronger reactions than you ever have before with a bonus chapter on increasing the power of your performances.

1st edition 2009; 15 pages
word count: 4254 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text

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