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The Best of Pentagram Card Magic

by Martin Breese
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The Best of Pentagram Card Magic by Martin Breese

Fabulous collection of card magic culled from the pages of The Pentagram, including an excellent chapter by Graham Adams.

  • Introduction
  • George Blake's Super Speller
  • The Nonsuch Card Prediction By Francis Haxton
  • A Legacy From Jordan By Francis Haxton
  • An Ace Change By Roy Walton
  • Double Stop By Franklin V. Taylor
  • R. J. Fisher On Double Stop
  • Double-Stoppered By Ron Baillie
  • Jack Potter On Double Stop
  • Full Stop, Double Stop By Hugh A Carroll
  • A Trick With A Purpose By Wilfred Jonson
  • Turnover Change By Harry Hickson
  • The Twenty-Seventh Card By C. Dudley Whitnall
  • Improved Sure-Fire Force By C. Dudley Whitnall
  • The Ladies Looking Glass Sans Pass By Tudor Brock
  • By Three By George Johnson
  • Discovery X By Billy O'connor
  • Precogspeller By Peter Warlock
  • Sandwich Spread By Peter Warlock
  • The A.C.I.D Test By Leslie May
  • Buried Treasure Two Relative Key Locations By Alex Elmsley
  • Kortially Yours By Milton Kort
  • Kortially Yours II By Jack Potter
  • Angle On Marlo By Peter Warlock
  • Angle On Angle On Marlo By Stewart James
  • Variation On Card Incidence By Peter Moffat
  • Result Of Thought By Roy Scott
  • The Aeroplane Card Trick By Dai Vernon
  • The Centre Double Lift By Jack Avis
  • Rara Avis By Jack Avis
  • Change Fold By Herbert Milton
  • The Sands Of Time By Bobby Bernard
  • Royal Quadrille By Harry E Burnside And Charles W Cameron
  • Poker By Roy Walton
  • Chango By Roy Walton
  • Annemann Interlude By Gustave Southall
  • One Over The Eight By James Esler
  • Simplicity Speller By Bobby Bernard
  • Divination Of Two Mentally Selected Cards By The Late Edward G. Brown
  • Brown Study By T. S. Ransom
  • Open Intruder By Alex Elmsley
  • Still Taking Three By Alex Elmsley
  • Brownwaves By Alex Elmsley
  • Brownwaves - No Looking By Alex Elmsley
  • Thought On A Mentally Selected Card By Jack Yates
  • Clannish By Roy Scott
  • About Turn By Hugh Scott
  • Anent About Turn By Jack Avis, Alex Elmsley, Roy Walton And John Messenger
  • A Scarf Called Moebius By Roy Walton
  • The Reverse Stack By Roy Scott
  • Peculiar Patience By John A M Howie
  • Queens And Water By Roy Walton
  • The Card Work Of Graham Adams
    • The Triangle
    • Ne Plus Ultra
    • The Whispering Trick
    • Any Card Called For
    • The Boomerang Card
    • My Favourite Trick
    • You Do As I Do
    • A New Spelling Bee With A Surprise Finish
    • The Card On The Arm
    • The Card In Cigarette - First Method
    • The Card In The Cigarette - Second Method
    • A Card Discovery
    • The Cut Card Revealed
    • Erdnase On Mentalism
    • A Card Combination
    • The Stanley Collins Change
    • Houdini's Torn Card Trick
    • The Combination
    • Accompanied By The Joker
    • The Sleepy Card
    • Simplicity
    • A Catch
    • Assembling The Pack
    • A Nap Routine
    • Gambling Routines A Game Of Nap
    • How To Play Nap
    • Bottom Dealing
    • Second Dealing
    • Dealing Bottom Cards With One Hand
    • Dealing Seconds With One Hand
    • Jumping Jacks
    • A Dealing Routine
    • A Useful Card Palm
    • A Variation In The Diagonal Palm Shift

1st edition 1990, 2nd edition 2003, 228 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 175 pages.
word count: 63848 which is equivalent to 255 standard pages of text

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