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The Big 3 Beginner Thumb Tip Tricks
by Hal Saxon

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The Big 3 Beginner Thumb Tip Tricks by Hal Saxon

This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning three beautiful tricks with a thumb tip: the silk vanish, the bill change and the cut & restored string.

These 3 tricks or effects are designed for beginner magicians, but you will learn moves and handling that will serve you very well in dozens of other effects. This is a phenomenal starting point for thumb tip magic. Some nice twists like letting the magic happen in the spectator's hand.

The Silk Vanish:

A small silk is shown on both sides by a magician with short sleeves and no watch. (Cannot hide the hanky there.) The silk can be handed to a spectator for inspection if you like. The silk is then held in the right hand and pulled through the left hand a few times. Then the silk is stuffed into the left closed fist, the magician says a few magic words and does a few magical gestures and waves with the right hand and slowly opens the left fist showing both sides of the hand and validates that the silk has indeed vanished. Next the magician reaches into the air with the empty right hand and grabs the small miniscule pieces of the silk that are invisibly floating in the air and places them into the closed left fist. After several grabs into the air, the magician magically pulls the silk from the previously shown empty left hand.

The Bill Change:

A $1 bill is provided to a spectator for inspection and/or clearly shown on both sides. This bill can also be provided by the spectator as well. The magician states that amazing things happen when pressure is applied to things. A diamond is formed under pressure. A $1 bill will even changes under pressure. The bill is folded in half. Then folded in half again. Then in half again. Then in half again. Pressure is applied. Then the bill is unfolded. Yet as it is unfolded, it is clear to see by all that an amazing miracle has happened. The bill is now a $20 bill and this bill ban be handed out for inspection. You will also learn an alternate ending where the bill changes in the spectator's hand!

Cut and Restored String:

A string is visibly cut in two and restored into one piece. A 24" or longer string is extended by a spectator. At the halfway point of the string, the magician grabs the string and pulls it through the left hand. The fold of the center point of the string is pulled up through the left fist. The magician grabs a pair of scissors and very visibly cuts the string on two. Next, the magician goes back in time. Inserts the cut ends into his fist, makes a magic wave and the string is completely restored. Alternate Effects: Cut and restored headphone cord, charger cord, or rubber bands.

1st edition 2017, PDF 45 pages.
word count: 10992 which is equivalent to 43 standard pages of text