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The Dime and Penny
by Lloyd E. Jones


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Dime and Penny by Lloyd E. Jones

Twenty-five excellent tricks are concisely explained by Lloyd E. Jones for this excellent piece of mechanical coin magic. Nicely illustrated, too. The Dime and Penny ebook makes an old trick modern and definitely establishes it as one of the classics of magic.

No difficult sleights are required, no bulky apparatus, every move is described. You'll deceive your friends for days on end with the excellent magic effects possible with this one piece of mechanical magic. It's doubtful that any book devoted to a single pocket trick has ever featured such good magic as is given in this book.

Many of you have a Dime and Penny effect in your magic tricks stash, yet you've either lost the instructions for it, or perhaps bought it at auction and didn't receive any directions in the first place. Now you can put this effect to work for you to entertain a new generation of audiences.


  • Introduction
  • How to Take it Apart
  • Taking Care of the Coin(s)
  • Snugness, Looseness
  • Appearance
  • The Basic Vanish
  • Matter Through Matter
  • Matter Through Spectator
  • The Sixteen Cent Trick
  • Forty-One Cent Trick
  • A Quick Vanish
  • The Eleven Cent Trick
  • Fadeaway Coin
  • Fadeaway Follow-up
  • Penny-Tration
  • Glass-Go
  • Thank You, Friend!
  • Data on Dates
  • Street Car Misadventure
  • Black Market
  • Mint-Flavored
  • To Market to Market
  • I Don't Believe It!
  • Reverse English
  • Believe It or Not
  • Passe-Passe Coins
  • Harum-Scarum
  • The Teetotaler Coin
  • The Traveling Coin
  • Allez Oop!
  • A Final Word of Advice
  • About the Author
"Valuable information for the close-up or table worker." - John Braun

"Very valuable ... may be used by amateurs as well as professionals. Worth the price and more." - Julian J. Proskauer

"All the effects are superb for close-up work and none are difficult. Well illustrated and clearly written, this book will add excellent effects to any magician's close-up reputation." - John Mulholland

"Good reading." - George Johnson

1st edition 1945, PDF 35 pages.
word count: 10319 which is equivalent to 41 standard pages of text