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The Millennial Medium
by Bob Cassidy

#2 Mentalism & Spiritism author

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The Millennial Medium by Bob Cassidy

Near the end of the 19th century - a time believed by many to be the birth of a "New Age"- presentations of mediumship and other so-called psychic phenomena had already become standard theatrical attractions. Samri Baldwin ("The Only Real and Original White Mahatma") had long since developed the one-ahead based question answering act, and the secret writing techniques of Henry Slade and other early mediums had become standard items in the repertoires of many conjurors. Some engaged in actual and pseudo exposures of mediums and psychics, while others, recognizing the power of such presentations, quietly adapted the mediums' methods and added "psychic mysteries" to their own programs. Some did both. In other words, at the dawn of the 21st Century, nothing much has changed.

In The Millennial Medium Bob presents to you several modern handlings that can be used to powerfully recreate the phenomena once known as "spirit writing." Unlike most of the material Bob has released, this compilation focuses primarily upon physical, rather than psychological or presentational techniques.

You are, of course, not limited to using these moves for the re-creation of spiritualistic phenomena. Their applications are only limited by your imagination.

Several of the moves Bob shows are borrowed from card techniques. Each technique is demonstrated and explained in a video clip (MOV and MP4 versions are included).

  • Swami who?
  • The Slates
  • The Chalkwriter
  • The Turnover
  • The Double Turnover
  • The Double Turnover Revealed
  • The Crossover Slates
  • The Crossover Revealed
  • The Jaks Move
  • The Rag Switch
  • The Rag Switch Revealed
1st edition 2005; 11 pages; 10 video clips