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by Biagio Fasano

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CoinDICEnce ACAAN by Biagio Fasano

An amazing self-working "Any Card At Any Number" effect, which uses two simple decks of cards, two dice and two chips to let fate play with dice.

This is an incredibly automatic card magic and mentalism effect, of the "Any Card At Any Number" genre, which uses two simple poker decks of 52 cards, two common six-sided number dice, and two casino chips bearing the words "SUIT" and "VALUE" on them.

The illusionist will call on a female spectator to help him as he explains how often throughout history both playing cards and dice may have influenced the fates of many men.

He will then present two differently colored decks of cards and a pair of dice, inviting her to choose which of the two decks she prefers to be the one that will most influence the fate reserved for this experiment. Having communicated her choice, the magician will slip one of the two decks out of the case and lay it on its back on one side of the table, showing how the case is now left completely empty and setting it aside. He will then invite the spectator to make a few test throws to see how the two dice result in different scores and thus cannot be rigged in any way. But he will also say that he does not want to completely entrust the outcome of the experiment to fate, and will therefore "forbid" certain "anomalous" and overly predictable dice rolls such as those given by the same score marked by both dice (e.g., the double 6 will not be taken into account and the dice will have to be re-rolled). The mentalist will shortly grant the spectator, following both dice rolls that she is about to make, the possibility of varying the score, of either or both dice, possibly choosing to turn them on the opposite side.

Before proceeding, the magician will also take the second deck out of the case, fan it open to quickly show its cards, and immediately hand it to the spectator for her to give to various spectators to cut, who will each take the raised portion and shuffle it as they wish, and then hand each pack back to the spectator herself, who will reassemble the deck in the order she prefers.

Getting it back, he will shuffle it again, ribbon spread it on the table, leaving all the cards turned over on their backs. The spectator will therefore proceed to the first roll of the dice, the final score of which will determine the position of a card from the second deck, suitable for designating the SUIT of a random card. The chip bearing precisely the words "SUIT" will be placed on that card. Similarly, the second throw will determine the position of another card that will determine a VALUE, and the corresponding chip will also be placed on that card.

In addition, before turning them over, the magician will state that a NUMBER, determined by the SUM of the VALUES of the two cards he is about to reveal, will also have been randomly generated in this way. Emphasizing the almost total impossibility of finding such a CARD, designated by fate and the will of the spectator, precisely at the equally randomly determined NUMBER, within the deck that remained visible on the table from the beginning, the magician will invite the spectator herself to verify such a prodigy and both will enjoy the final moment of amazement, amid the applause of those present!

1st edition 2024, PDF 8 pages.
word count: 3587 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

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