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Early Discs

Early Discs by

This is a collection of early discs (CDROM, CD). Blackston Party Magic is an audio CD, the others are all CDROMs with HTML ebooks on it. The smaller ones were called mini-CDs or business-card-CDs because some used them as business cards to hand out their resume or other digital files and documents. We used them to deliver ebooks.

Included in this collection are:

Please note that since all of these discs are burned and not pressed they may or may not work anymore. These discs are more than 20 years old. This unique set is being offered for a collector who wants to have some of the early physical products issued. There is only one such set. Also, note that the ebooks are our early HTML versions. They can still be viewed, assuming the disc still works, but require the Firefox browser and some changes to the settings in the browser.