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Jack Bridwell

Jack Bridwell

US magician from Bedford, Indiana.

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Jack Bridwell
B-Witcheries by Jack Bridwell

Excerpt from the introduction:

People are interested in the unusual and here I have twisted many old ideas and slanted them to produce "B-Witcheries". Supreme have already entered this field by publishing the books of Tony 'Doc' Shiels and Charles W. Cameron. Both have an occult background which makes them authorities on this type of entertainment.

Mentalism is big business here in the U.S.A. involving names like Kreskin, Bascom Jones, Anthony Raven, David Hoy, Bob Lynn and the fabulous Karrell Fox. In England there is Fogel, Stanton Carlisle and the late, great Al Koran, David Berglas also specialises in Mentalism.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Will O' the Witch
  • Psychic Deck
  • The Spirit of...
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