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These are all ebook collections on discs with a common theme. Some of the ebooks on these CDs and DVDs can be downloaded individually, others can only be had on these discs. You can find author collections with their entire set of publications on one disc such as Roterberg, Jordan and Hugard, or sets of ebooks which belong together, like Michael Close's Worker Series. Another popular disc is Triple Classics which is my recommended disc for beginners. The Magic Library series was meant to be a complete set of all my ebooks. Early on this made sense. Now with hundreds of ebooks available it becomes too large. However, if you wanted to buy the complete bundle (all my ebooks), please get in touch with me.

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Lewis Ganson

2010 / 4 / 8

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Roberto Giobbi

Card College 1 & 2 by Roberto GiobbiYou get both volumes, Card College 1 and Card College 2. And since you are buying two volumes, we can give you a bit of a price break. (If you are looking for the 8 hour video course please go here Card College 1 & 2: Personal Instruction.)

For a detailed description of the contents of volume 1 and 2, please refer to the separate product pages. You will find in these two ebooks almost 200 embedded video clips showing you how master magician Giobbi works the cards.

[Note that to view the embedded video clips on iPad you will need the PDF-Expert app. And to view them on Android tablets use ezPDF. There could be other apps that work but these two have been tested.]

[Note: If you want to use the green cross-volume links in the PDFs you have to rename the PDFs to: 'Card College Volume 1.pdf' and 'Card College Volume 2.pdf'.]...

2008 / 2 / 14

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Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser & Ottokar Fischer

Hofzinser Compilation by Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser & Ottokar FischerThis disc holds two Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser PDF ebooks:
  1. Hofzinser's Card Conjuring
  2. The Magic of J.N. Hofzinser
Both works have been written by Ottokar Fischer in German and have later been translated to English, one by Sharpe and the other by Richard Hatch. Richard Hatch, by far the better translator, also translated the famous Card College series by Roberto Giobbi.
2008 / 1 / 22

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(on CDROM)

John Scarne

Scarne Compilation by John ScarneIncluded in this compilation are all 13 issues of the extremely rare John Scarne's Newsletter as well as the ebook Three Card Monte which was not written by Scarne, but he provided all the contents for it.
2007 / 12 / 12

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Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson

Card Conspiracy 1 & 2 by Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson
  1. Biddle Force: 26 Faces North; Double Knavery; 25 Faces North + 1 South
  2. Concealed Allerton Control: CAC Visitor; Only Joking; Anti-Matter; Anti-Matter Revisited; Final Control
  3. Cut Force: Diminishing Matches; Beastly Assembly; Faith Counter; 51 Faces North
  4. Daley's Delight Switch: Hotel Daley; Shifty King; Repelling & Attracting; Double Rouge et Noire; Daley's Do-as-I-Do
  5. Daryl's Diminishing Count: Bad Guys Wear Black; Just a Little off the Top, Please; Repligator; Blackjack & Blackjacks
  6. Divide and Conjure (Marty Kane)
  7. Double Deal Turn-over: S.O.P. (Slightly Open Prediction); Blackjack Transpo;...
2007 / 11 / 28

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Joe Karson & Michael E. Rose

Joe Karson Compilation by Joe Karson & Michael E. RoseJoe Karson's writings cover the whole spectrum of magic, from cards and mentalism to stage illusions and everything in between. Karson was very creative and prolific. Although most readers will be interested in the secrets contained here, this compilation of his publications also serves another purpose. By bringing the material to the attention of modern magicians they become documentation of the credit due to Karson for his creations. Most magicians are aware that the Zombie Floating Ball is Karson's invention. However, there are other effects that Karson created but somehow, over the years,...
2006 / 5 / 11

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(on CDROM)

Jean Hugard

Hugard's Collected Works by Jean HugardJean Hugard was one of the most prolific and illuminating authors of magic. This compilation CDROM holds 22 ebooks, which are all known publications authored by Hugard. Not included are books merely edited by Hugard, except Encyclopedia of Card Tricks because it was rewritten by Hugard rather than edited. Also not included on this disc is Hugard's Magic Monthly which comes on its own DVDROM.

Get a complete file of the writings of a magic legend which will continue to live on for hundreds of years. Many of these books are all time classics and have produced many top notch magicians.

The alphabetical list of titles on the disc are:
Card Manipulations

2006 / 4 / 20

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(on CDROM)

Ted Annemann

Annemann's Collected Works by Ted AnnemannHere we collect all of the 17 ebooks we have by Annemann. Besides the Jinx magazine, this is as far as I know a complete set of all of Annemann's writings. For mentalists, this is mandatory reading. For all other magicians it is highly recommended, because the wisdom imparted to you is applicable in all of magic. Buying these books and booklets individually on the second hand market will cost you a multiple.

The list of titles on the disc are:

202 Methods of Forcing
Annemann's Buried Treasures
Annemann's Card Magic
Annemann's Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine
Annemann's Mental Bargain Effects
Annemann's Practical Mental Effects
Annemann's Test of the Tiber
En Rapport
Jinx Program No. 1
Jinx Program No. 2
Jinx Program No. 3
Jinx Program No. 4
Jinx Program No. 5
Sh-h-h--! it's a secret
The Book Without a Name
The Incorporated Strange Secrets
Annemann's $50 Manuscript: Exclusive Secrets of Annemann's Conception...

2005 / 10 / 23

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Chapeaugraphy by variousIt is fascinating what one can do with a simple felt ring. Three great books on Chapeaugraphy.

This compilation disc holds the following individual ebooks:

2005 / 9 / 6

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(on CDROM)

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