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Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales
by Punx & Bill Palmer MIMC

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Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales by Punx & Bill Palmer MIMC
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"This book is going to be a classic. Punx takes the simplest of effects and weaves an 'entertainment factor' about them that makes it a delight to read and easy to perform. His artistry blends magic and fantasy. A true example of making magic - magick!" - Masklyn ye Mage

Punx was the acknowledged master of 'Magic as Theater', actually the creator, where the performance takes center stage and method only serves the role to support and enable the performance. There are wonderful stories, excellent tips on tricks and handling, and deep insights into the Art of Performing Magic.

Punx (Ludwig Hanemann) was awarded the Hofzinser Ring for having created a new style of magic - magic as theater. Here Punx shows us the importance of the entertainment factor in a magical presentation. He weaves fascinating poetic stories around often neglected magic tricks. These are then elevated to masterpieces of showmanship.

In the final section, the reader is invited to a participate in Punx's thought processes as he develops a miracle: The Amulet. With similar miracles, the common trickster can become a master magician. It is not the trick, but the presentation that entertains. A good presentation has a long life in the mind of the spectator, while a trick is soon forgotten.

Do not call me just a magician or a conjuror;
storyteller would be just right ...

Come, sit at my feet and smile.
Forget there was a yesterday
and that tomorrow will come.

(Translated from the German by Bill Palmer.)

1st edition 1988, 2nd edition 2000 under the title "Once Upon a Time...", 1st digital edition 2013, 103 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Translator's Preface to the E-Book
  2. Publisher's Preface
  3. Translator's Introduction
  4. When the Fairy Tale Encountered Truth

    Part 1. Magical Fairy Tales

  5. The Story of the Heart of Glass
  6. The Story of the Pixie's Little Magic Cloak
  7. The Story of the Four Wishes
  8. A Legend from India
  9. The Story of the Chinese Compass

    Part 2. Magical Adventures and Tall Tales

  10. Peace on Earth
  11. The Magic Fans
  12. The Haunted Key
  13. The Nightmare
  14. Adventure in the Madhouse
  15. Adventure at the Fish Market
  16. Capt'n Squinty
  17. The Colorblind Policeman
  18. The Duel With the Psychiatrist
  19. The Man With the Golden Arm
  20. Kismet

    Part 3. Bonus

  21. The Amulet

  22. Epilogue

word count: 32043 which is equivalent to 128 standard pages of text