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Spell-Binder Special Issue 1 (1982 Summer)

by Stephen Tucker
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Spell-Binder Special Issue 1 (1982 Summer) by Stephen Tucker

On top of the regular Spell-Binder issues, Stephen Tucker published three special issues. This is the first one.

  • Jargon Special Issue!!
  • Too Filling By Stephen Tucker
  • Beetroot Sandwich
  • Eye-Tray By Wayne Dobson
  • Tuckups By Stephen Tucker
  • Cup Through Cup Move
  • Penetrating Pips By Roger Curzon
  • The Secret Of Pyramid Power By Abdula
  • The Knack By Jerry Sadowitz
  • Eject!! By John Brown
  • Solidarity By John Brown (Another One!!)
  • Small Prophet By David Britland
  • Haden – Matrix By Reinhard Müller
  • Open All Hours By David Britland
  • The Midas Purse
  • Stephen Tuckers' Improved Pen-Ultimate +1
  • Stephen Tucker Presents His Enveloped
  • Stephen Tuckers' Eraser Blazer
  • Influence By Ron Massey
  • The Xerox – Count By Eddy Taytelbaum
  • No Cover Henry Christ
  • Increased
  • Belladonna By Shiv Duggal
  • Silver Shadows By Stephen Tucker
  • Eraser – Head By ???????????????
  • Progressive 'Quick As A Wink' By Reinhard Müller
  • Foolproof
  • Pharaoh Notes By Abdula
  • “All-Backs" - An Introduction To A Card Routine By Ron Massey
  • Whoooooosh!!! By Paul Brignall
  • Bottoms Up!! By Terri Rogers
1st edition 1982, PDF 66 pages.
word count: 25064 which is equivalent to 100 standard pages of text
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