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The Expert at the Cod Table
by Michael Breggar


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Expert at the Cod Table by Michael Breggar
"I do enjoy reading good writing and I enjoy reading your books. You sure are one heck of a funny guy! Started chuckling almost immediately and really laughed out loud at '...confused with a hat-rack'! Well done!" - Harry Lorayne

"Not all magic books are fun to read, but this is one that's fun to read and is as much fun to play with the pieces and create some antic fun for the audience." - Jon Racherbaumer

(E)-books like this do not come along too often. That's a good thing because voluntary illiteracy would increase. Michael Breggar, author of such litter box liners as Influence-Enza, Dancing with the Cards, and the eminently forgettable Back to the Launching Pad and The Five Roads to Vegas, has produced a new work. He calls it his magnum opus. After you read it, you'll want to drink a magnum of Opus.

With The Expert at the Cod Table, Michael has Scuba'd his way through thousands of non-existent pages by a non-existing gambler, author and musical saw aficionado to bring you his latest collection of - shall we say - "unique" - card magic.

You'll soon hold in your greasy little hands an InstaPot-pourri of remarkable, professional routines that you may be only a little bit embarrassed to perform. Let's not be koi, as in Michael's previous literary outings this ebook is quirky, fun and funny. You'll find poker routines that give the power of the card shark to your volunteers (who's the "expert" now, Moses?), mentalism routines, a couple of unique ACAANs, a few off-the-edge thought-of-card divinations with even edgier revelations, a crazy routine that starts as a carny-game scam and rapidly turns into an impossible prediction, a card stab using a guest-check spindle liberated from your neighborhood delicatessen and even a word routine using cards with Scrabble tiles printed on them. Plus, a return visit from Michael's Martian friend, Vemple Paranozzle who shows how he (or she or it) is compelled to deal himself (or herself or itself) winning poker hands even when he (or she or it) always gets fewer cards than everyone else.

Fifteen routines in all and every one is 24-karat solid goldfish.

Through all this, you'll also find some semi-solid thinking, effect construction, new methods and lost methods re-porpoised. And for you history buffs, there's even a bio of the enigmatic S. W. Ordfish himself (at least as much as Michael felt like making up).

You need to dive right into this fine kettle of fish. Quick ... before your air runs out!

Here's what a few blowfish have already said about The Expert at the Cod Table:

"The Expert at the Cod Table is a true tour-de-fish of pescatarian prestidigitation. This book is filled with Philly-centric references, bad puns and some great card magic of the non-sleight variety...what could be better. Well written, fun scripts, wonderful plotz. It is one of the most original and enjoyable reads I've had in magic.... Now if I could just get that smell off my hands." - Marc DeSouza

"Mike Breggar's new book, The Expert at the Cod Table, is loaded with solid card magic that involves appealing presentations and plots without sleight of hand. The book is also a very entertaining read, especially if you enjoy a good pun. Why purchase this book? Maybe just for the halibut. Or possibly to become a serious card shark. No crappie tricks here." - Mike Powers

"Once again Mike Breggar brings us another fantastic collection of material that's strong, funny and very entertaining. You will use many of the items in this new eBook." - John Carey

"I knew that Michael was onto a winner as soon as I saw the title of his latest book, The Expert at the Cod Table, which is spuriously attributed to S.W. Ordfish ... After reading through the laugh-out-loud opening piece "Who was S.W. Ordfish?", I was already thoroughly impressed. Michael's own "Hard of Herring" preface continues the madcap humor, and in the material that follows he ensures that those of us on a quest for entertaining magic come home with a good catch in our fishing bucket.... Oh, but you want to know about the magic? There's over a hundred pages altogether, with 15 different routines, in what might be Michael's best book yet. It's certainly his longest. This book has confirmed that Michael Breggar is the kind of guy I want in my boat when I'm out fishing for entertaining magic." - EndersGame

"Books like this don't come along very often...not counting Michael Breggar's four previous eBooks. But they are well written, light yet esoteric guidebooks to enlightened entertainment with the pasteboards. Unlike most guidebooks that list "effect" then "explanation" with a possible patter presentation thrown in for the uninspired, Michael's books jump right into the full presentation with explanations and credits added to delight and fulfill the soul. Each presentation is well thought out and completely satisfying.... Michael has taken his years of thought, study and performances to bring together, overlay and intertwine diverse ideas adding the right seasoning into a cohesive and pleasantly satisfying fish stew that is "Expert at the Cod Table." ... This is a fun read from start to finish even if you don't perform one of his routines. His writing is clever, tongue-in-cheek, and pithy. This is a guidebook for anyone angling to make a reputation with a pack of cards. My suggestion: perch ace this cod book today!" - Scott Wells

"In The Expert at the Cod Table Mike Breggar has served up a delectable assortment of easy to master cod mackerels. Mike employs simple yet devious methods to accomplish entertaining and deeply fooling card magic. His engaging and humorous style of writing made learning fun. I was hooked from the very beginning." - Rudy Tinoco

"There are guys out there capable of working absolute miracles with a regular deck of cards. I'm not one of them. But Mike Breggar's carefully constructed (and joke-filled) plots make it possible for guys like me to be able...if only for a pretend that I'm one of them. Swordfish!" - Steve Friedberg

"Would somebody please tell Michael Breggar that magic books aren't supposed to be funny? I started reading The Expert at the Cod Table with my afternoon milk and cookies, and promptly ruined a brand-new deck of Jerry's Nuggets! Fortunately, the man also knows his magic; there's some deep stuff here, so net yourself a copy. You'll have a whale of a time." - Anthony Vinson

"Michael Breggar's latest book is an incredible adventure. Along the way, you discover astonishing card routines, invaluable hints, and a mother lode of example presentations that show you how to make your magic engaging and entertaining." - Michel Potts

  • Who Was S. W. Ordfish?
  • Hard of Herring
    • "My Fish Are So Fresh, You Have to Slap Them ..."
  • The Expert at the Cod Table
    • Artists, Rogues and Submarines at the Card Table: A Treatise on the Science and Art of Manipulating and Filleting Cods
    • The Ol' Fisheye
    • Any Fin Goes
    • "Find Me Some Whales..."
  • What's Inside My Fish Sandwich
    • Protected
    • Once and Forever "Ultimato"
    • Gimme a Fish Turnover and a TTI
    • Roe, Row Your Boat
  • I Get by With a Little Help from My Fish
    • Puree of Red Herring
    • No Appetizer Needed
    • Taking Orders
    • Shark the Herald (Magician) Angels Sing
    • A Diaper Covers the Ends
    • Tidying Up
  • Venn the Magician Came to Town
    • Venn We Look at Ourselves
    • Venn We are Ready
    • Venn We Was Fab
    • Venn It's Gone
  • Nay-CAAN
    • At the Copa, Copacabana
    • Of Abacuses, Chicken Farmers and Cool Bars in Philadelphia
    • Cracking the Chicken Farmer's Egg
    • Keep Your Hands Off My CAAN
  • No One Likes Me
    • "Bait the hook well...
    • ... This fish will bite."
    • Press Err Ace and Rewind
  • Hot Dates
    • Nothing to Carp About
    • I Love, I Love, I Love My Calendar Grid!
  • The Tally Special
    • "Tally Tally"
    • "Hold - That - Linoid ...."
    • Right from the Playbook
    • Tally Forth
    • X's and O's
    • Trick Plays
    • Touchdown!
    • Overtime
  • Too Much Information
    • Mental Fishing
    • Not a Fluke
    • Into the Gumbo
  • Neo's Treasure Chest
    • Neo Says
    • Phone-y
    • Treasure Map
  • Something Fishy This Way Comes
    • Bouillabaisse
    • Big Fish Story
    • Pattern fishing
  • Martian Poker
    • Paranozzle Returns
    • Reader's Digest Version
    • Three Whales, a Martian and a Stack
    • Shuffled and Happy
    • Let's Make a Deals
    • "Oooh-Ooo-Hooo, Oooo-Hooo The Martian Hop"
    • The Shuffle-Swap Con
  • Sometimes the Fish Catch You
    • Four-Sooth!
    • The Naked Sooth
    • Hot Cold-Reading Tips for the Non-Serious
  • Swordfish
    • A Knish is but a Knish
    • Spindlerella
    • The Appetizer
    • The EntrĂ©e
    • The Dessert
    • What's the Point?
    • The Trick with No Point
  • Scrabblectic
    • Cross Words with a Spectator
    • Scrabblectable
    • Scrabblicious
    • Triple Weird Score
    • Mystical Acrostical
  • "I Want Some Seafood, Mama..."
  • Acknowledgments
  • Other Books by Michael Breggar You Will Surely Want to Avoid
  • About the Author
1st edition 2020, PDF 143 pages.
word count: 50421 which is equivalent to 201 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Paul Lelekis
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 27 August, 2020

Michael's e-book is refreshingly clever and fun to read. His magic is very strong and he provides complete patter that is very original! I HIGHLY recommend this e-book to magicians at any magic and excellent patter!