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Timely Trickery
by Jon Racherbaumer


(5 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Timely Trickery by Jon Racherbaumer

While we all intuitively understand what time is, even a child can tell you what time it is, it is a hard concept to fully understand from a scientific point of view. It is hard to define, and wrap your head around. That is part of the intrigue of making it the topic of a magic effect. Particularly for an interested and sophisticated audience it can be a very effective plot line. Jon Racherbaumer explores how magicians have made use of it over the decades, and he has unearthed some remarkable gems.

  • Preface
  • Foreword
  • An Unusual Plot Emerges
    • The Charmed Watch
    • Charles Wicks
  • Precursors
    • No Time Lost (Bruce Elliott)
    • The Time Machine (Walt Rollins)
    • Time Machine (Edward Marlo)
    • Pressed For Time
    • Ace Sandwich (Al Leech)
  • Early Dislocations Of Time
    • The Prechosen Chosen Card (Fred Braue)
    • The Prior Prechosen Chosen Card (Stewart James)
    • One-Eyed Jack Sandwich (Harry Lorayne)
    • Return Of The One-Eyed Jack Sandwich (Ian Baxter)
    • The Card You Picked Before
    • You Took The One You Chose (Jon Racherbaumer)
    • Time-Warp Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
    • Fixing The Time-Warp (Paul Gordon)
  • Quickenings
  • Taking More Time
    • Back In Time (Jay Sankey)
    • No More Time Lost (Richard Bartram)
    • The Trick That Never Happened (Paul Cummins)
    • Traveler’s In Time (Roy Walton)
  • More Time Dislocations
    • Fast-Faster-Fastest (Eric Eicher)
    • The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (Jon Racherbaumer)

1st edition 2018, 93 pages.
word count: 24695 which is equivalent to 98 standard pages of text