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2 Can Play At This Game
by Kyle MacNeill & John Gelasi


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★

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2 Can Play At This Game by Kyle MacNeill & John Gelasi

Kyle MacNeill and John Gelasi are two innovative and young creators, that live, breathe and sleep magic. With over 15 Ebooks between them, they decided to create an Ebook that is jam-packed with old tricks, new tricks, sleights, and theory. And everything went to plan...

2 Can Play at This Game contains a total of 16 (predominantly card) effects - (10 old, 6 new), 5 sleights (4 old, 1 new) and a previously published essay. Think of it as a best-of (hopefully!) with seasoned with some new effects. Hopefully a blend you will dig!

From the Intro:

"Kyle and I realized that we were both part of a small group in the magic community: two young people (merely teenagers) who had the desire to share their love of card magic with the world. Out of that similarity, this project was born. Here we have collected for you a compilation of some our favourite effects from previous publications of ours, as well as new items made especially for this collection. In a way, we've laid out for you a collection of effects and moves that reflect our lives in all aspects: magical memories from the past, innovative creations of the present, and the future of the magic community itself."


  • An Essay on creativity by Kyle MacNeill (Page 5)
  • Part 1: Old Effects
    1. "Blank You Very Much" by Kyle MacNeill (From the Ebook Be) - A thought of card revelation collides with a kickass transposition. Very hands off, no counting or memory work, and appears very fair.
    2. "Quadratic" by John Gelasi - A fantastic opening effect. The spectator's named number finds the mate of their selection, which leads to a killer four ace production that nobody will see coming! Originally appeared in "Card Puzzles" by John Gelasi.
    3. "Rule of Gum V.2.0" by Kyle MacNeill (From the Ebook American Dream) - A very clever and creative way of revealing a card using two packets of gum. Ends with a kicker they certainly won't have predicted!
    4. "Off-Tempo Jazz Aces" by John Gelasi - 'Jazz Aces' with the four aces and four black spot cards. One by one, the aces switch places with the black cards in the card case, all leading up to a kicker ending. Lots of fun and magic with very little effort; you'll love performing this one. . Originally appeared in Fit for Kings by John Gelasi.
    5. "Hands Hof! : The Complete Project" by Kyle MacNeill (The full Hands Hof Ebook) - We were feeling generous... so we included the whole of Kyle's Hands Hof Project - usually worth $5. It is a completely hands off approach to the Hofzinser Aces problem. Quick, buy this Ebook before we change our zany minds!
    6. "Wild Color Twist" by John Gelasi - Vernon's classic Twist taken to a whole new level: the aces twist, turn, and even duplicate, all concluding with the backs changing color. Best yet, you end completely clean! Originally appeared in Wild Color Twist by John Gelasi.
    7. "Cricket" (From Be) by Kyle MacNeill - The classic Grasshopper effect, but super - visual. Contains two original sleights - (Scaramoosh and Cyclone Sandwich), which are explained in the Sleights section!
    8. "Daley + 2" by John Gelasi - Dr. Daley's classic plot with the four kings and two selected cards. After some magic with the kings, the selections are revealed in a surprising manner. Originally appeared in Fit for Kings by John Gelasi.
    9. "Everywhere Prediction"(From Be) by Kyle MacNeill - "Hi. I can't believe I bumped into you again - your everywhere!" "Well I predicted this meeting...". That my friends, is the meeting of the prediction plot and the Everywhere and Nowhere plot. Enjoy!
    10. "Gemini Revelation" by John Gelasi - The classic "Jumping Gemini" with a selected card and loads of magic in just four cards; the packet is seen to contain four duplicates of the selection, which then transform into a complete four-of-a-kind! Originally appeared in Pack3t by John Gelasi.
  • Part 2: New Effects:
    1. "ElmZinser" by John Gelasi -The Hofzinser Ace Problem meets Elmsley's Four Card Trick in a routine bursting with magical moments: the cards twist, have all backs, and then four kings appear. In the end, a selection is revealed in classic Hofzinser fashion!
    2. "Joker Face" by Kyle MacNeill - An unpublished CAAN merged with a sandwich effect. Very commercial and direct!
    3. "Business t&R" by John Gelasi: A torn and restored business card like no other: pieces transpose in the spectator's hand, then restore, leaving an unforgettable souvenir.
    4. "Predicto- Box" by Kyle MacNeill - Super innovative, and pretty downright zany. I hope you will like this one!
    5. "iWave" by John Gelasi: "B'wave" performed with regular cards from any deck. A predicted Queen in a packet of four cards matches a suit selected by a spectator, and then the other 3 cards are shown to be aces!
    6. "An Unexpected Visit" by John Gelasi: A direct and striking take on the "Visitor" plot, where a selection moves between two pairs of kings, finally appearing in the deck in a surprising way.
  • Part 3: Sleights
    1. "The Victor - Y Change"(From Inventions) by Kyle MacNeill and Cameron Francis) - An epic colour change, inspired by the Victor Change, but inside the safety of a card box's cellophane.
    2. "Instant Repeat Collectors"(From Be by Kyle MacNeill) - A (hopefully) clever way, to instantly repeat a 'Collectors' phase, at the blink of an eye. You will like this one!
    3. "The Flipper Cut" by John Gelasi - A super false cut that doesn't look like a false cut. Lots of movement and flourish with very little effort, and yet not a single card is moved out of place!
    4. "Scaramoosh" by Kyle MacNeill (From Be) - An interesting one handed Fandango (Ben Harris) - Esque move. Used in 'Cricket'.
    5. "Cyclone Sandwich"(From Be) by Kyle MacNeill - A visual sandwich reveal. Also used in 'Cricket'.

1st edition 2011; 61 pages.
word count: 14662 which is equivalent to 58 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Matthew Jackson
★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 09 October, 2011

I love this book. I do though believe that Gelasi and MacNeill make different types of magic and I don't think they should be combined in the book. Not to say that MacNeill's magic is bad, but I prefer Gelasi's as it is more simple but I understand that many may prefer MacNeill's. I just don't think the two different types of magic should be mixed as I found myself only being attracted to Gelasi's stuff as they are nearly all easy setups whereas MacNeill's seem to be gimmicked or needs duplicates etc. Overall, the book is great despite my opinions.