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Achromatic Prediction
by Nefesch

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Achromatic Prediction by Nefesch

A box is given to anyone you want (the chief of police, the major, a TV producer, etc.) This box is sealed and it will be opened some days later. The box will never be touched again by you or anybody else involved in the stunt.

The day that the prediction will be opened, lets say you are performing at the radio while there are live people waiting to see the box opened, you ask the radio audience to call in to the radio station, they will be taking part in a mind experiment in which they will have to make some decisions that will create at the end a random event, which when the box is opened has been perfectly predicted.

  • No stooges
  • No suggestion
  • 100% fool proof
  • Easy to do
And as different as many other big publicity stunts, this will not require you to take any extra money from your pocket. This is a publicity stunt that will cost you no more than 1 or 2 bucks, it is self working, and absolutely deceptive.