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by Nefesch
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Link by Nefesch

Link is Nefesch's adaptation of Corinda's "De profundis" routine which can be found in his Thirteen steps to mentalism book, Step Four (predictions), page 105 and 106. If you are familiar with this routine, then here is Nefesch's adaptation: Link can be performed with ANY ROPE! it can be performed WITHOUT the need of any apparatus, without the need of gimmicking anything, and with a less than 30 seconds set up!

The ebook explains the easy handling and methodology and it includes more than fifteen different routines that can be performed using this method, the method is guaranteed to work. This is a stage routine.

Additionally you will find many ideas about how to have the prediction either hanging from the rope (it can be in an envelope or a box hanging from the rope) or to have it aside.

It includes Ideas from:

The routine:

Two spectators are invited on stage, they will help in a telepathy experiment between them, is a linked mind type of experiment.

The performer introduces a length of a rope which is given to the spectators, each one is asked to hold one of the ends and to keep the rope straight between them while facing each other. The performer will count now from one to ten. He instructs the spectators to keep their mind relaxed and to focus only on one of the numbers that they will hear. It should be the number that they feel a mental vibration on.

When the performer finishes counting up to ten, he asks the spectators to say out loud what number they have fixed on; for the surprise of the audience they both say out loud the same number at once. This part of the experiment can be repeated as much as wanted.

But now is time to take the experiment one step further, the performer announces that the experiment has gone so well, that he would like to remove the rope from the scene and this time a direct link between both of the spectators without the need of any object in between them should be made.

The performer requests the spectators to hold their hands (as if they were greeting with a stretched hand) while watching each other, the experiment will go just as before, but this time instead of numbers he will pronounce some names of some cities, they are to fix their mind on one of them, the one they feel a mental touch on.

When the performer has ended enunciating the cities, he asks the spectators to name out loud the city they have selected. For the surprise of the audience the city they both name is the same one. This part of the experiment can be repeated as much as desired.

Now again is the time to take the presentation one step further.

The performer announces that since both of the spectators seemed to have linked their mind very well so far he would like to try to do this experiment without the need of any physical touch at all.

He asks the spectators to stand each one on an opposite end of the stage, so there is a large distance between them. The performer gives roles to each one of them, one will be the sender of a thought and the other one will be the receiver, he instructs the sender to send his month of birth to the receiver; the performer enunciates out loud all the months of the year, when he finishes he asks the receiver to name out loud what month did he feel is the one that the sender was born in. The receiver names out loud a month, the sender confirms that the month named by the receiver is the one he was born in.

If desired everything can be predicted in an envelope that was in full view all the time.

"Very well thought out routine outstanding work as always from Nefesch. I love it!" - Neal Scryer

"Hi Nefesch, thanks for sharing your book. I really enjoyed it - great work! There is a lot of great thinking here, and I really enjoyed seeing how your mind worked! What I was particularly impressed with was the way you have supplied different ideas and methods for presenting the same routine. This enables the performer to decide which method will work best for him, but also demonstrates that there are often more than one answer to a performance problem. Link is a wonderful way of presenting demonstrations of mind-to-mind telepathy, and has many layers and subtleties that elevate above the average. This is great work! I'm sure that any mentalist or mystery performer will find great worth in this book, and I wish you every success with Link! All the best & thanks again," - Paul Voodini

"I love the idea man, it's something I didn't really think too much about in Corinda, but your addition makes it a real worker!" - Dee Christopher

"Nefesch did a good job at simplifying Corinda's De Produndis' routine. Especially the ungimmicked version is very nice and I like the way it plays. Good thinking on that one!" - Timon Krause

"Link is a solid multi-phase routine. His thinking and approach of effects is very unique and if you are a fan of Nefesch's thinking process then Link will be great for you." - Titanas

1st edition 2012, 137 small pages.
word count: 16213 which is equivalent to 64 standard pages of text

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