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Frier by Cameron Francis

An Ace assembly with an incredible twist!


A card is selected by a spectator and kept face down on the table. We'll say this card is the Jack of Diamonds. The magician claims that this is a "magic card" and will be used later. He then removes the four Aces from the deck as well as 12 indifferent spot cards and proceeds to perform a super clean Ace Assembly.

The magician offers to repeat the experiment under more stringent conditions. The Ace of Spades is placed in the magician's pocket. Three face up Aces are very fairly cut into the packet of face down indifferent cards. The packet is flipped face up and spread across the table. The spectator is asked to rub his "magic card", the Jack of Diamonds, on the backs of each of the face down Aces. This done, the face down cards are turned over, revealing them to be the other three Jacks! The magician removes the four Aces from his pocket! The Aces and Jacks may be completely examined.

  • No palming
  • Very easy to do
  • Bonus ungaffed version included
Note: The gaffs required to do this effect are very common. If you do not own them they can be very easily obtained from any brick and mortar or online magic shop.

1st edition 2009; 9 pages.

word count: 2229 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text

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