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iPods and other MP3 players have changed the way we consume music, audiobooks and other audio contents. This category serves to list all products which can either be played on a CD or MP3 player.
Listen to interviews, radio shows and trick descriptions or download special sound effects.

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Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course, Part 1 by Mark Lewis[Please note that this is a four part course. If your intention is to become a stage hypnotist we strongly discourage you from only getting one or two parts. You will not get the full breadth and depth of information.]

This first part is a 90 minute audio lesson where Mark Lewis outlines the structure and methods of a stage hypnotism show. You could almost learn a hypnosis show from this recording alone. It covers how to start, how to practice hypnosis, how to rehearse, how to select the best subjects, waking suggestion tests, how to induce hypnosis and a large selection of routines you can use....

2011 / 10 / 4

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David Hoy

ESP According to Hoy by David HoyDavid Hoy was a mentalist who later billed himself as genuine psychic. In this audio recording he tries to teach you how to develop your own psychic abilities.

Here is the original back cover text:

Dr. David Hoy, one of America's foremost authorities on extrasensory perception, is a scholar of extraordinary psychic capacity. He has conducted a lifetime study of mind-to-mind communication and is world-renowned for his ESP experiences and research conducted under scientific conditions. He is also the author of several books on ESP, read by a large following in seven languages.

Dr. Hoy's...

2012 / 5 / 15

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Dave Arch

Magic Tricks To Amaze Yourself by Dave ArchWhen 99¢ per minute phone calls were all the rage, and the charges would simply be added onto your phone bill, Dave Arch audio recorded a magic show that he made available through one of the 99¢ per minute phone services. The ebook contains the scripts for the 19 magic tricks that were his show. Additionally you will get a recording of the entire show as MP3. If you're doing the math . . . at 2 minutes per magic trick and 19 magic tricks, you'd be paying $37.62 to enjoy the entire show (and worth every penny). How you choose to use the show in this ebook and audio recording is completely...
2012 / 5 / 19

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Michael Ammar

Negotiating Higher Performance Fees by Michael AmmarNow you can have this bestselling audio program as an instant MP3 download.

On this program, Michael gives great advice on how to negotiate like a pro and get more money for your shows. Michael has received many notes from professionals and beginners alike, who claim they made more on their shows after just one listening.

Start making more today.

2012 / 6 / 6

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Charles Greene III

Restaurant Magic Business by Charles Greene IIIIn this audio program, Charles Greene gives his expert advice on how to find work as a magician in restaurants - how to deal with the pitfalls, all about money and tipping, material and more!
  • Identifying Outlets
  • Getting Booked
  • Determining Salary
  • Contracts
  • Relationship Strategies
  • Opening Night
  • Showcasing
  • Self-Promotion
2012 / 6 / 7

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Michael Ammar

Making Magic Memorable by Michael AmmarThis audio MP3 is Michael speaking on his theories of how to make your magic more memorable. It contains stories and ideas from his performance experience.
2012 / 6 / 7

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Mystic Alexandre & Bill Montana

Moments of Silence by Mystic Alexandre & Bill MontanaThis is the definitive work on using Silence by Mystic Alexandre and Bill Montana!

The program begins with Mystic Alexandre's "Healing Energy Transference" (actual name withheld in ad) performed many times over the radio and live at metaphysical events, psychic parties, and psychic entertainment shows.

Also various tips, suggestions, and knowledgeable insight into the art of silence by Bill Montana. Interesting audio discussion. This is primarily for:

  • psychic entertainers
  • meta-mentalists
  • mentalists
  • and even magicians
  • something for every performer

1st edition 2016, length 100...

2016 / 4 / 15

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Jesse Lewis

Psychic Money Secrets by Jesse LewisHave you ever wondered how to make money with psychic readings?

In this reveal all interview series we cover the three main ways that you can make money from psychic readings as a mystery entertainer. It is all covered in over 1 hour worth of interviews.

We start with interview one that covers in detail the paid booth market - this includes: fairs, festivals, trade shows, psychic fairs and other paid venues for doing readings.

Next we head into the psychic house party market and cover how and why to do psychic house parties for profit! This can be a game changer for many mystery entertainers...

2016 / 5 / 30

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Steve Reynolds

Don Alan: Lost Audio Tapes by Steve ReynoldsCompiled by Steve Reynolds. The PDF consists of color photos of Don's original props and choice transcriptions of conversations between Don Alan, Jon Racherbaumer, and earle Christenberry.

You'll learn the history of the Chop Cup, Micro Macro and meeting Paul LePaul, the Devano Deck and the best glass for it, and Ring Flight and the master Al Koran.

Learn the backstory and the finesse of these Don Alan signatures. Get the real secrets of a strong effect and Don's thoughts on Charlie Miller's Cups and Balls and Larry Jennings' Chop Cup routine. You'll also hear about Don's friends, including fond and funny memories of his prop maker, Howard Bamman. Don also...

2018 / 9 / 1

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