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Science often appears like magic. Even some small physics or chemical experiment can be utterly baffling. Same is true with math. Some of the best self-working magic tricks have a mathematical foundation at heart. That is why particularly in the past magicians were often exhibiting the latest advances in science and technology as entertainment. For example, Robert-Houdin's "Heavy and Light Chest" was a simple application of an electromagnet. The projection of images and later moving images was mostly done by magicians in the early days of photography and film.

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Sam Dalal
Patterns of Perfection Revisited by Sam Dalal

An easy approach to the perfect Magic Square.

This is a completely new, and easier method for compiling a 4x4 (16 cell) Magic square that totals to any number called by the audience in 52 different ways.

The original method from which this has evolved was first published in 1993. You can master this with just a few trials in less than an hour, and use it for a lifetime - with nothing to buy, nothing to replace!

With most magic square effects the method has two components. One component is memorization, the other calculation. For example, you memorize one particular magic square and...

★★★★★ $4.75
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Scott Cram
Day One by Scott Cram

The classic "Day For Any Date" feat has been updated!

Day One is a new approach to appearing as a human calendar. You ask for the year and month of the spectator's birthday, and instantly create that month's calendar for them on the back of your business card.

Day One is designed to be simple to learn, as well as quick and impressive to perform.

The role of math and mnemonics has been greatly simplified and minimized, and you don't need any previous experience with other mnemonic systems. Entire centuries are covered with less than a third of the mnemonics required by other approaches....

★★★★ $9.99
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Shawn Evans
Build Your Own Psychic Calculator by Shawn Evans

Do-It-Yourself: "Trick-Out" Your Calculator

With a Psychic Calculator you can create endless mind-reading, prediction, and magic effects - a mentalist dream come true.

Don't pay up to $300 or more for a Mentalist or Psychic Calculator when you can make your own in less than 30 minutes, for under $10 (including the price of the calculator!), plus the use of just a few common household items. No knowledge of electronics needed - just the proper know-how.

This ebook will give you the "details in detail" with over 20 step-by-step photos and illustrations that will guarantee your success. ...

★★★★★ $19.95
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Terri Rogers
Secrets: The Original Magic of Terri Rogers by Terri Rogers

Terri Rogers is known for her topological magic trick creations. Two very famous creations are StarGate and The Boromian Link, both described in her 3rd book Top Secrets. She is a member of a very exclusive group of people who have an uncanny gift to think 'out of the box' and turn such thoughts into incredible magic tricks. Other inventors in this group would be Lubor Fiedler, Robert Neale, Stewart James and Bob Hummer.

1st edition 1986; original 81 pages, PDF 61 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Meet Terri Rogers
  3. Razor Blades From Mouth
  4. The Pirish Compass
  5. It's A Stick Up!
  6. Blank Amazement
  7. The Computer Deck
  8. Bottoms Up!
  9. The Chinese Twist ...
★★★★ $13
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Terri Rogers
More Secrets by Terri Rogers

Over twenty ideas and tricks covering cards, rope and mentalism often using a topological method. Terri is a great lateral thinker. Enjoy her creations.

1st edition 1988, original 80 pages, 57 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Sum Sum
  4. Rope Disaster Of 1984
  5. Always In The Middle
  6. Ring In Egg Timer
  7. The Echo Count
  8. Mouse-Fish-Teers
  9. Hummerous Phoney Telepathy
  10. The Spirit Moves
  11. Off Key Magic
  12. Jiggery Pokery
  13. False Witness
  14. Kidnapped
  15. Grab Gamble
  16. Squaring: The performer shows a plastic disc with a hole through its centre. It's about the size of a 45 record disc. Without...
★★★★★ $13
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Terri Rogers
Top Secrets by Terri Rogers

This volume collects many of the famous tricks which were released individually, effects like StarGate and The Boromian Link. You will find true miracles in this ebook.

Herein are some of the most wonderful effects of magic and it is purely by chance that they are published in this book and not simply reserved to be released individually as highly expensive top-selling dealer effects. - Martin Breese

I am a fan of Terri Rogers. The quality of Terri's creative work is so terrific, it is virtually impossible to keep quite about it. - Max Maven

Flexi-Card is a stunning new idea in which...
★★★★★ $25
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After Dinner Tricks and Puzzles with your Seal Brand Coffee by unknown

A nicely produced collection of mostly puzzles, brainteasers, and some which could be performed as magic tricks. In total there are 36 problems. Solutions are provided for all of them.

1st edition 1896, 12 pages of problems, 2 pages of answers.

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Unknown Mentalist
Why A Magic Square Should Not Be A Magic Square by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of Square Thrills can get this ebook for half price.

This is not about construction of a magic square. This is about presenting and representing a magic square in such a manner that the audience cannot uncover your secrets by doing a simple search on the internet, which is what is happening to most of the magic square routines these days.

5 solutions for alternative presentations/representations for a magic square are provided along with some bonus ideas.

A novel and self working routine is included which uses the magic square principles in a clever and unconventional manner but does not...

★★★★★ $18
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Unknown Mentalist
1089 Refreshed and Reloaded by Unknown Mentalist

There would hardly be any mentalist or magician who would not be familiar with the old and well known 1089 force. At the same time, there would also hardly be any mentalist or magician who still uses this force in the old standard manner. In that sense this force seems dated.

But throughout the history of magic, this unique force has been extremely fascinating both mathematically and magically.

Here are some fresh and novel ideas related to this force which you can actually go out and use right today. There are 6 different ideas which are innovative and allow you to create full routines...

★★★★ $12
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V. E. Johnson
Chemical Magic by V. E. Johnson

This ebook describes a host of chemical experiments which can be presented as magic tricks or surprising science experiments. It is a reproduction of an old book and therefore some of these experiments require exotic chemicals, some of which are toxic or can be harmful in many other ways. If you intend to replicate any of these experiments you must follow all laws and regulations and you are on your own in terms of any liabilities. We are reproducing this book for historic and information purposes.


  • Wine and water and other transmutations of liquid colors
  • Disappearing and reappearing...
★★★★★ $4
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Wallace Lee
Math Miracles by Wallace Lee

This is a wonderful book covering several classic math based tricks, such as magic squares, day for any date (calendar calculations), and also several uncommon ones. It also includes the first publication of the Fitch Cheney Five Card Trick under the effect name "Telephone Stud".

  • Preface
  • I Cryptesthesia
  • II The Magic Square
  • III Mnemonics With Figures
  • IV Spelling The Cards
  • V Bank Night With Seven Cards
  • VI Some Odd Formulas
  • VII New Dresses For Old Tricks
  • VIII Fakerithmetic
  • IX Multiplying On The Fingers
  • X Mind Reading At The Blackboard
  • XI Match Puzzle
  • XII Spelling Thoughts
  • XIII Casting Out The Nines
  • XIV Telephone...
★★★★★ $10
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 1 by Werner Miller

This is a magic square effect where spectators freely enter numbers in the main diagonal and you quickly fill out the rest of the numbers producing a perfect magic square.

Alternatively you could perform this the classic way that a spectator calls out a number and you fill in all the numbers to form a magic square. But the effect is stronger if your audience can freely choose not just the sum but several numbers in the square. In a variation Werner shows you how spectators can even select the squares where you should next enter a number during your fill-out sequence.

The method is so simple...

★★★★★ $6
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 2 by Werner Miller

Here Werner Miller attacks the 4x4 square. (E-Z Square 1 deals with the 5x5 square.). You will learn a new and easy method to construct a 4x4 magic square starting with two or four given numbers.

The real gem in this manuscript is the bonus routine. It is a unique presentation which makes your work simpler and allows you to predict the sum of the square. The effect is as follows:

Take out a soft measuring tape of the kind tailors use (which has centimeters or inches marked on both sides), and a prediction. Give the prediction to a spectator for safekeeping. You will never touch it again. Have two...

★★★★★ $6
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Werner Miller
Ear Marked by Werner Miller

This was Werner Miller's first English publication and it holds 51 astonishing tricks, all based on clever mathematical principles. You will find next to tricks with cards, numbers, and dice also topological tricks with paper and cardboard.

One of my favorite tricks is called "Quick Change Square" where a 4x4 square changes from a non-magic square to a magic square in a flash. In "Crazy Square", Werner combines the olde "Chinese Compass" with the "magic square" and produces a witty, lively piece. In "Aeolic Prelude", Werner takes a compass and an ESP deck to produce a nice little bit of ritual...

★★★★ $20
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 3 by Werner Miller

How to complete a 4x4 grid to get a magic square, when the four center numbers or the four corner numbers are given? You will learn two methods, applications and an interesting take on the birthday square based on an idea by Nico Reuter.

1st edition 2011; 21 pages.

★★★★★ $6
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 4 by Werner Miller
"The hallmark of all the E-Z Square is their clarity of magic square instruction, as well as a selection of variations that's enough to start your mind racing with presentational possibilities." - Scott Cram
Giving a performance the appearance of difficulty and effort sometimes adds to the success of an artistic feat. Even if you are only constructing a magic square you can benefit from this phenomenon...

1st edition 2011; 16 pages.

★★★★★ $6
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 5 by Werner Miller

After seeing a performance of Richard Wiseman's Grid, which shares some commonalities with Chris Wasshuber's The Ultimate Magic Square, Werner Miller was inspired to come up with his take on 'magic squares made from cards' ...

The spectator decides on a number, and you produce instantly a magic square that has the spectator's number as its constant – simply by dealing out 16 or 25 ordinary playing cards.

As an example here is the detailed effect for variation 2: Take out a deck of cards, give it a quick shuffle and then offer the spectator the deck for a cut. The spectator cuts off a portion of the deck and counts the amount...

★★★★★ $6
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 6 by Werner Miller

This will most likely be Werner Miller's last installment in his E-Z Square series. In this ebook he revisits several of the routines he published before, but finds ways to simplify them further or structure them in a cleaner and clearer way. He does that with a Birthday Square, a routine involving a measuring tape, and magic squares using cards.

As a bonus Werner includes several magic square puzzles.

1st edition 2013; 15 pages.

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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 7 by Werner Miller

Even more effects with magic squares.

1st edition 2017; 13 pages.

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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 8 by Werner Miller

Even more magic squares with playing cards.

1st edition 2017; 12 pages.

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Werner Miller
Sub Rosa 13 by Werner Miller

Among other effects, Werner Miller explores the old age cards trick and stretches it into new and so far unexplored directions including versions where the spectator is allowed to lie.

  • Leporello
  • Ternary Number Compass
  • Binary Number Compass
  • Binary Card Compass
  • Binary Card Cube
  • Aside From Binary and Ternary
  • Extensions
  • OWLright
  • Four Questions
  • Seven Questions
  • Four Ins, One Out
  • Off-Form Psychic
  • No Milk Today
  • ESPiatnik
  • Do You Play Cards?
  • Lady First
  • amBiguous
  • Instant Sudoku
  • Swindle Sudoku II
  • 2ZZ

1st edition 2018, 44 pages.

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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 9 by Werner Miller

In this volume Werner Miller discusses in particular the so called perimeter magic squares. He even invented a new type the Siamese perimeter magic square - only here with Werner 'magic square' Miller.

1st edition 2018, 14 pages.

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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 1-9 by Werner Miller

All 9 ebooks on magic squares by Werner Miller.

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William Symes Andrews
Magic Squares and Cubes by William Symes Andrews

A classic treatise on magic squares and related arrangements of numbers.

  • Publishers' Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I. Magic Squares
    • The Essential Characteristics Of Magic Squares
    • Associated Or Regular Magic Squares Of Odd Numbers
    • Associated Or Regular Magic Squares Of Even Numbers
    • The Construction Of Even Magic Squares By De La Hire's Method
    • Composite Magic Squares
    • Concentric Magic Squares
    • General Notes On The Construction Of Magic Squares
  • Chapter II. Magic Cubes
    • The Essential Characteristics Of Magic Cubes
    • Associated Or Regular Magic Cubes Of Odd Numbers
    • Associated Or Regular...
★★★★★ $5
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