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Kent Gunn
The Fun Shop Cups and Balls by Kent Gunn

The Cups and Balls done a little differently than most. This is an unusual, direct and very magical cups and balls routine. A white ball, a blue ball, and a red ball magically gather under one cup in different ways.

1st edition 2008, 36 pages, photo illustrated.

★★★★ $30
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Kevin Parker
Passing Thru by Kevin Parker

Borrow a coin and show a normal empty glass bottle, then visually pass the coin through the base of the bottle. They don't just see the coin 'appear' in the bottle; they see it 'melt' right through. Then you shake the bottle to conclude the coin is indeed inside the bottle, then give it out as a souvenir. You can even do this with a borrowed bottle. This is Kevin Parker's Passing Thru.

  • Normal Bottle
  • Normal Coin
  • No Slits/Cuts in Bottle
  • Everything Examinable
This is an incredibly visual effect and has to be seen to be believed. Check out the demo video below. And the fact that you end...
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MP4 (video)

Kevin Parker
From Nothing by Kevin Parker

An apple visually materializes and can be handed out to keep. See video below for a demo. Spectator is offered a gift or fruit but hands the bag back because it's empty. Magician takes bag and points inside saying "Just look closer right there" and the spectator watches through the see-through bag as an apple materializes in the magician's hand. It is then handed to them to keep. This has been performed many times at the request of magicians, they fall in love with it and so do the spectators. They see you produce natural objects from nothing, miraculously.

★★★ $17
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MP4 (video)

Kevin Parker
Genie by Kevin Parker

Possess someone's bottle with a genie. When you uncover the mouth of the bottle, the bottle starts moving because you stirred up the genie inside. Must-see video.

  • No use of thread, loops, ITRs, or wires
  • Ideal for closeup, street or anywhere there's a surface
  • No special environmental or surface requirements
  • No magnets
  • Extremely easy
  • Can use borrowed bottle
Gimmick is super easy to make and you will only spend $2 or less at the local convenience store to make the gimmick or you may already have the required item.

Suitable for stroll-around and street magic, if there is a surface...

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MP4 (video)

Kevin Parker
Kounted by Kevin Parker

An impromptu card divination.

Divine the amount of cards randomly cut off the deck by you or spectator without using stacks or gimmicks; you may be off by one or two cards; no setup, totally impromptu. Spectator even shuffles the deck beforehand. Borrowed deck.

Kevin Parker's system allows for this type of feat and many others.

  • you're not cutting to predetermined spots; you can cut anywhere or let spectator cut.
  • no insertion of a crimped, cut, shaven, or altered card into the deck to mark a location; no setup whatsoever.
  • no gimmicks or stacks or deck setup; borrow a deck, let them...
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MP4 (video)

Kevin Parker
Fair Mix by Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker has created a prediction effect that is too impossible to be true: you predict where their card will land in a shuffled deck (*this many* cards down in the deck), mixed in someone's hat to eliminate false shuffling in the hands.

This uses no gimmicks and no trick decks. Use your hat or their's, no specific type. Very practical.

  • Spectator can assist the shuffle in hat.
  • Use anyone's hat, even your's, no specific type.
  • Easy, a complete beginner could do it.

1st edition 2018, length 10 min

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MP4 (video)

Kevin Parker
Shadowsight by Kevin Parker

Look into a deck without looking.

While your back is turned, spectator deals cards off a deck that they shuffled while you wait for them to reach a card that you 'sense' might be near their card. Then they are to deal a few cards from that spot onto the table side by side and they are to hover their hand over each one - your back still turned - while you tell them to slam their hand on a certain one. It is their card.

A few points to consider:

  • They have a free selection of card; no force or psy-forces.
  • You never touch their card, not before, during, or after they pick it. You never...
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MP4 (video)

Kevin Parker
Parallel by Kevin Parker

Blur the line between coincidence and prediction. A creation Kevin Parker kept secret until now.

The spectator stops you on any card as you deal cards into their hand face-down, and the card they stop on matches the card in their other hand, e.g. 2 black aces or etc. The apparent impossibility of this is reinforced by the fact the deck is normal with 52 different cards which they shuffled beforehand; no deck switches. The deck they examine/shuffle is the same deck dealt into their hand, which they can examine before and after, leaving them with no explanation.

  • requires no special decks...
★★★★★ $8.50
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MP4 (video)

Kevin Parker
Oddzoff by Kevin Parker

Who can predict where in the deck someone will shuffle their card, to the specifics, e.g. a certain number of cards down into the deck? Even creepier would be if it relates to something you uttered beforehand as if it made it happen.

Imagine this. You mention a scenario where they are 2 or 3 off guessing the amount of candies in a jar. Then the spectator thinks of any card, shuffles the deck they're holding, then finds that card 2 or 3 off from your written prediction just like the candy scenario. The only other outcomes would be if it's just 1 off or dead-on, but you're covered there too...

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MP4 (video)

Kevin Schaller
Duplex by Kevin Schaller

Duplex is a card rising effect from the mind of Kevin Schaller. It builds and improves on an old theme which allows you to show the box from all sides as well as allows you to show the box completely empty before you insert the deck.

A freely chosen and signed card is lost into the deck and the deck is put back into the box. Without any funny moves the signed card starts to rise all the way out of the box.

The best part of the trick is that there are no threads, wires, weights, rubber bands or magnets - just the box and the deck. No forcing. No cellophane needed. Box can be shown empty...

★★★★ $4.95
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MP4 (video)

Kevin Schaller & Philipp Sahner
Break by Kevin Schaller & Philipp Sahner

Break is a gimmick that allows you to fold a kink into a card and move it to another position. It is a real kink, you can let the spectator feel and examine before and after.

  • Real kink
  • Nothing to palm
  • Nothing taken away
  • Show the card both sides
The gimmick is easy to make, very versatile and gives you a lot of space to find your own routines and ideas. Over 15 minutes of detailed video instruction of how to make and use the gimmick.

★★★★★ $3.95
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MP4 (video)

Koo Hu
Artifact by Koo Hu

A unique suspension of 1 and 1/2 cards that can be installed anywhere and serves as a great conversation starter. There is absolutely nothing attached to it left, right, up, or down, all around. Make it look regal by placing a glass bowl on top completely isolating it and letting the conversations begin.

1st edition 2024, video 5:13.

★★★★★ $4.95
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MP4 (video)

Koo Hu
Burn Down by Koo Hu

Find their card with an inferno on your palm.

A card is selected, signed, and returned to the deck. And then ... you take a burning match and shove it into the deck, burning one card at a time going deeper and deeper and eventually the match extinguishes itself. You spread the cards and find that the match burnt through each and every card but it couldn't go beyond one particular card, their signed card.

  • Quick Reset: Instantly repeatable up to 15 times.
  • Easy Build: Only takes the skills of a 10-year-old.
  • Quick Setup: Under 5 minutes to build from scratch to performance ready.
  • Economical:...
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MP4 (video)

Kyle MacNeill & Cameron Francis
They Are What They Eat by Kyle MacNeill & Cameron Francis

a cannibal cards routine + three bonus effects

"Very, very good!" - Gary Jones

From the sleightly demented minds of Kyle MacNeill and Cameron Francis comes a cool cavalcade of carnivorous card creations: Four tricks inspired by the Lin Searles' "Cannibal Cards" plot.

The main event is "They Are What They Eat", a super direct cannibal cards routine with a powerhouse kicker ending!


Three "Vampire" Jokers are introduced. Three cards are then selected and placed on the table. One at a time, the selections are run through the Joker packet whereupon they lose their ink, turning...

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La Ville
Free Choice by La Ville

Out of 52 cards the spectator names any card. The magician opens a deck of cards and shows all the cards are blue, except for the spectator's card. Its the only card with a red back.

This a another handling on the old "Invisible Deck - Brain Wave" card trick.

Features of Free Choice:

  • No rough and smooth
  • No tape
  • No double cards
  • The spectator can name any card.
  • The card can be checked out by the spectator
Skill level: Intermediate

1st edition 2018, length 23 min

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MP4 (video)

Lance Ackerman
Re-Attached by Lance Ackerman

The performer takes a deck of cards, lets the spectator pick a card and gives it back. The performer then takes the card, rips it into 4 pieces and slowly, one by one, the cards morph back into place as they started out even before they were ripped. At the end of the routine, the dents are visually ironed out and, in the spectators hands, is their card - perfectly normal!

1st edition 2004; 24 pages.

★★★★★ $9 $4
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Larry Becker
Russian Roulette by Larry Becker

Watch Larry Beckerʼs reputation making, edge-of-your-seat performance of this acknowledged classic, recording live at a real world, after-dinner performance.

Next, sit in on a private round table discussion covering a full explanation of this death defying presentation, including the uncut and unrehearsed crucial preshow interview and participant instruction.

Nothing is omitted. Every aspect from weapon selection to safety precautions is covered in complete detail. There is even a special selection of hilarious out-takes!

Even if you have no intention of performing this spine-tingling presentation,...

★★★★★ $19
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MP4 (video)

Larry Brodahl
Scripted #20: Linking Rings by Larry Brodahl

A routine, script, and performance video of the Linking Rings that restores the mystery and magic to this classic trick while still being entertaining. All of the rings are examined! Includes a performance video.

  • Preface
  • Effect
  • Methodology
  • Moves, Sleights, and Subtleties
  • Script
  • Analysis of the trick
  • Script Insights
  • Modified Handlings
  • Performance Notes
  • Credits
  • An Additional Service
  • Final thoughts

1st edition 2018, PDF 48 pages, performance video 4 min 35s.

★★★★★ $12
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Lee Asher
Thunderbird: The Modern Ace Production by Lee Asher

"I haven't purchased magic for myself in years. Thunderbird was my first online purchase, and all I can say is WOW!" - Dan M.

Imagine if you had real magical powers. How would you make four aces appear at your fingertips? Picture bringing your hands together, in front of you, and an ace magically appears between them. Without hesitation, you take this newly-produced card, and effortlessly split it into two aces. The audience's gaze is riveted to your hands. Fearful of missing your next move, they don't even blink. The third ace materializes right out of thin air - at your fingertips....

★★★★★ $14.99
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Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon
Symphony of the Rings by Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon

Lewis Ganson expertly and with care to minute details explains the famous six ring routine devised by Dai Vernon. Vernon first performed the entire routine in front of Ganson's cine camera. By studying the film in slow motion, they were able to determine the most suitable photographs to take with a still camera to illustrate the text.

Many considered the best and most beautiful routine for the Chinese Linking Rings. You can see Vernon perform this routine in Dai Vernon in Britain 1958.

1st edition 1958, PDF 31 pages.

  1. Introduction
  3. The Rings
  4. Arranging the Rings
  5. Performance
  6. 1....
★★★★★ $9.50
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Liam Montier
Henry Sugar by Liam Montier

"Henry Sugar is an incredibly clever effect and one that I will actually perform. I don't say that for many effects. As far as I'm concerned, Liam Montier is one of the most original magicians I've ever met and he is my main inspiration to create new magic. Pretty much everything he touches has a big hint of creativity and an even bigger hint of "I'll kick you where it hurts!" - Andi Gladwin

Liam Montier presents a stunning easy to do mentalist card trick based on a well-known short story by Roald Dahl, called "The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar".

The basic plot of the story is that...

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Liam Montier
The Boof by Liam Montier

"The Boof is the goods. The most fun and interesting card tricks I've seen in a long time. Nicely done." - John Bannon

"Ridiculously awesome material!" - Cameron Francis

"The Boof! contains solid, practical card work that is the Montier hallmark. Liam has a gift for stripping down handlings without losing impact. There is truly something for everyone in this latest collection. Boof boof bang bang!!!" - John Carey

The Boof collects together over a dozen of Liam Montier's strongest card tricks and routines to date. If you haven't experienced Liam's card magic before, then you are in for a real treat. This is efficient,...

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Liam Montier
#Boom! by Liam Montier

A collection of ten astonishing tricks, all done with a regular deck and basic card magic knowledge. Everything is nicely photo illustrated.

Hi-Jack! - A goofy prediction turns into a deadly one-two punch of visual changes.

Peach! - Check out this brand new take on the classic 'Princess Card Trick', that ends with you revealing the actual thought of card, and then changing all the others to Aces.

Chip-Shot! - A reworked multi-phase Daley's Last Transposition routine, routined as a 'follow the leader' and wrapped up in a gambling presentation, featuring a top-secret handling for the...

★★★★★ $12
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Liam Montier
Mojo by Liam Montier

12 card routines from totally self-working to average difficulty.

If you can do double lifts, Elmsley Counts, etc, then you are in luck. All of the tricks are explained with Liam's full handling, presentation, theory, extra ideas, and credits, including a lot of photos to make learning even easier.

01. Biddle Print - The Biddle Trick and the Finger Print Trick get together and have a sexy time, ending up with this crazy baby.

02. In-Decision - Sit back and relax as two spectators reveal their own thought of cards.

03. Hofferoon - Two classics combine to give the best mash-up since...

★★★★★ $12
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