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Slates are classic props for mentalists and performers calling on the spirits. If writing with a chalk is not your thing then think about white boards and other modern replacement for slates. The tricks and methods stay the same.

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    Mini-Slate Magic by Lewis Ganson    Flap Slate Wrinkles by Ulysses Frederick Grant & H. Adrian Smith    Best Tricks with Slates by Peter Warlock    Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena by William E. Robinson    Master Slate Secrets Part I by Al Mann

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Mini-Slate Magic by Lewis GansonTop routines with miniature slates by Peter Warlock, George Blake and Edwin Hooper.
  • Introduction
  • Phantom Prediction
  • Shuffled Forecast
  • Sum Total
  • Spirit Message
  • Spirit Message Again
  • Duplication
  • Mini-Transpo
  • Two Messages
  • Two Messages On One Slate
  • Numbered Slates
  • Any Colour With White Chalk

PDF 28 pages.

2018 / 8 / 24
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Flap Slate Wrinkles by Ulysses Frederick Grant & H. Adrian SmithDo you have a pair of old "flap slates" in your equipment? Well. It is time to dust off and use them! How? With the aid of a little manuscript by U.F. Grant and H. Adrian Smith. This wonderful little manuscript is full of original and practical ideas with slates that you can use immediately. It sounds strange, but you can perform the tricks detailed in the manuscript exactly as Grant and Smith explains even though the book was written in 1931! (This is magical itself... ).

From the preface:

"In launching our little manuscript upon the world of criticism, we have one aim alone - that of...
2015 / 10 / 5
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Best Tricks with Slates by Peter WarlockA wonderful ebook explaining all the best slate tricks and effects, by Peter Warlock, who has used slate tricks in his programs for many years. Covers the manipulation of unprepared slates, the use of the flap, various mechanical slates and aids, little know methods of fake mediums, chemical writing and many other methods that are as effective as they are unique.
  • Section One: Wherein The Operator, Using Ordinary Slates, Obtains Writing On One Of The Slates
    • Jardine Ellis Routine
    • Routine With Two Slates
    • Maro's Routine
    • Blank On Both Sides
    • Edward Victor's Routine
  • Section Two: Methods...
2015 / 8 / 29
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Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena by William E. RobinsonThis work has the earliest known reference to a nail writer. It has an interesting section on appearing inks and covers in fascinating detail slates, ties, table lifting as well as a few other stage magic effects.

1st edition 1898; original 148 pages; PDF 80 pages.

  3. CHAPTER I. The Single Slate.
  4. - Inks that Appear through Heat.
  5. - Inks that Appear under the Influence of Light.
  6. - Inks Appearing through Reagents.
  7. CHAPTER II. The Double Slate.
  8. CHAPTER III. Miscellaneous Slate Tests.
  9. CHAPTER IV. Mind Reading and Kindred Phenomena.
  10. CHAPTER V. Table Lifting and Spirit Rapping. ...
2008 / 12 / 29
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Master Slate Secrets Part I by Al MannThe first part in this four part series deals with effects done with ordinary slates, ungimmicked and without flaps, that anyone can do without having to invest in expensive trick slates.

27 pages

2007 / 3 / 24
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