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Percy Abbott

Percy Abbott

(Sydney, Australia: 3rd May 1886 - 26th August 1960)

Orphaned at age 8. Became interested in magic at age 12. Left home at age 14 to tour vaudeville circuits in Australia. Pro performer. Manager of H.L. Hutchinson's "New York Novelty Company" in Sydney 1909 - October 1911. Then on own as dealer in his "Magician's Supply Depot" in Sydney since late 1911. Leaving his business to brother Clarence, Percy toured Australia and Far East 1914-24. Ghost show and "Hall of Novelties" shop in a Sydney arcade 1916. Moved to USA in 1925.

Co-founder and co-owner (with Harry Blackstone) of the Blackstone Magic Company in Colon, Michigan, 1927-31. Founder-owner in 1933 (with Recil Bordner as junior partner since 1934) of Abbott's Magic Manufacturing Company in Colon. Retired in 1959. Pirated and marketed (since December 1933) "Doc" Zola's Squash, which became known as "The Trick that built the Abbott Magic Company". Similarly with Gwynne's Temple of Benares (since 1940). And again with Fox's Miracle Gimmick (by 1949).

Invented (or so he claimed) Spotting the Block (by 1925), Bowl of Water Vanish (by 1940), Name It (miniature bar, by 1940), Fountain Bouquet (by 1940), Squeez-It (by 1940), and The Tiger (Feb 1940).

Published Tops 1936-59. Wrote Abbott's Magic for Magicians (1934, 56pp), etc. Tricks in New Tops. Memoir is A Life Time in Magic (1960, 132pp).

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Percy Abbott

Abbott Magic Catalog #14 (used) by Percy AbbottSoftcover staple bound. This is catalog #14 from Abbott Magic. It is for whatever reason less common than the other Abbott catalogs. It included a tipped in sheet advertising six Robert Orben books.
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