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A. N. Wilson products

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Winnie and Wolf: A Novel

Winnie and Wolf: A Novel by A. N. Wilson

Winnie and Wolf is the story of the remarkable relationship between Winifred Wagner and Adolf Hitler that took place during the years between the two world wars, as seen through the eyes of the secretary at the Wagner House in Bayreuth.

Winifred, an

A. N. Wilson3 Jun 2015$8.99

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Betjeman: A Life

Betjeman: A Life by A. N. Wilson

John Betjeman was by far the most popular poet of the twentieth century; his collected poems sold more than two million copies. As poet laureate of England, he became a national icon, but behind the public man were doubts and demons. The poet best known

A. N. Wilson3 Jun 2015$8.99

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My Name Is Legion: A Novel

My Name Is Legion: A Novel by A. N. Wilson

A Bonfire of the Vanities for contemporary London

From A. N. Wilson, the renowned historian and novelist, comes a stunningly bold new work of fiction set in the darkly glamorous media world. Wilson's London is a bleak, if occasionally hilarious,

A. N. Wilson3 Jun 2015$30.99

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The Elizabethans

The Elizabethans by A. N. Wilson

A time of exceptional creativity, wealth creation, and political expansion, the Elizabethan age was also more remarkable than any other for the Technicolor personalities of its leading participants. Apart from the complex character of the Virgin Queen

A. N. Wilson21 May 2015$20.99

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Dante in Love

Dante in Love by A. N. Wilson

For William Butler Yeats, Dante Alighieri was "the chief imagination of Christendom." For T. S. Eliot, he was of supreme importance, both as poet and philosopher. Coleridge championed his introduction to an English readership. Tennyson based his poem

A. N. Wilson20 May 2015$23.99

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Our Times: The Age of Elizabeth II

Our Times: The Age of Elizabeth II by A. N. Wilson

When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953, many proclaimed the start of a new Elizabethan Age. Few had any inkling, however, of the stupendous changes that would occur over the next fifty years, both in Britain and around the world.

In Our Times,

A. N. Wilson18 May 2015$8.99

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After the Victorians: The Decline of Britain in the World

After the Victorians: The Decline of Britain in the World by A. N. Wilson

The distinguished historian A.N. Wilson has charted, in vivid detail, Britain's rise to world dominance, a tale of how one small island nation came to be the mightiest, richest country on earth, reigning over much of the globe. Now in his much anticipated

A. N. Wilson2 May 2015$26.99

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Victoria: A Life

Victoria: A Life by A. N. Wilson"[A] shimmering and rather wonderful biography." --The Guardian (UK)

When Queen Victoria died in 1901, she had ruled for nearly sixty-four years. She was a mother of nine and grandmother of forty-two and the matriarch of royal Europe through her

A. N. Wilson28 Oct 2014$36.00

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London: A History

London: A History by A. N. WilsonIn its two thousand years of history, London has ruled a rainy island and a globe-spanning empire, it has endured plague and fire and bombing, it has nurtured and destroyed poets and kings, revolutionaries and financiers, geniuses and visionaries of every
A. N. Wilson28 Oct 2014$16.00

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Hitler by A. N. WilsonFrom eminent biographer A.N. Wilson, an incisive, penetrating portrait of Adolf Hitler.
A. N. Wilson5 May 2012$24.99

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