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K'cracy, Trees in the Storm and other Poems by Bill F. Ndi
K'cracy, Trees in the Storm and other Poems

In K'cracy, Trees in the Storm and Other Poems, Bill Ndi vociferously bemoans the fate of a world in which the good and the evil are intimate bedfellows; a world wherein miscreants proceed with nauseating impunity to trample on innocence.
Bill F. Ndi23 Jul 2012$18.95

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Musings On Ars Poetica by Bill F. Ndi
Musings On Ars Poetica

A literary monument erected by a poet for poets with a vision for poetry as a special annunciation and the poet as a seer, spokesperson, recorder, analyst, adjudicator and advocate with poetic vision and poetic understanding. Bill Ndi, the poet has the
Bill F. Ndi14 May 2012$19.95

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Sing Love 101 by Bill F. Ndi
Sing Love 101

Sing Love 101 is a billicious gourmet platter with 101 love poems in which this wordsmith worth his words brings together the good, the bad and the ugly of human love experiences. The poems are glossed with the simplicity of a sweet gentle breeze that
Bill F. Ndi8 Apr 2012$22.95

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Toil and Delivery by Bill F. Ndi
Toil and Delivery

Bill Ndi's Toil and Delivery can be as playful and loaded as the clues in a cryptic crossword puzzle, which is to say that they are marked by a strange, energetic hybridity. They occupy a dynamic space between nursery rhyme and visionary Romantic verse,
Bill F. Ndi4 Mar 2011$19.95

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Bleeding Red. Cameroon in Black and White by Bill F. Ndi
Bleeding Red. Cameroon in Black and White

Bill NDI's Bleeding Red: Cameroon in Black and White is another masterpiece from a poet with a deeply political vision. This collection of poems with Cameroon as the particular focal point is a paragon of socio-political and cultural alertness in verse
Bill F. Ndi17 Nov 2010$19.95

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