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Finding Mr Goldman

Finding Mr Goldman by David RhodesHad he known the hour of his death, the wealthy Harry Goldman might have arranged his day differently. Instead, he finds himself plunged into a nightmare in which his life of violence and ruthless greed is laid bare before him. Accompanied by a disreputable-looking
David Rhodes16 Feb 2015$16.03

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Faith in Dark Places

Faith in Dark Places by David RhodesWhat meaning does my life have? What hope is there for the Church? How can I see beyond the media hype and false images I am bombarded with every day? Where can I find God in all this noise and turmoil? Combining moving stories from the inner city with
David Rhodes23 Aug 2014$14.57

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Jewelweed: A Novel

Jewelweed: A Novel by David RhodesWhen David Rhodes burst onto the American literary scene in the '70s, he was hailed as “a brilliant visionary" (John Gardner). In Driftless, his “most accomplished work yet" (Joseph Kanon), Rhodes made Words, Wisconsin, resonate with readers
David Rhodes23 Apr 2013$26.00

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Driftless: A Novel

Driftless: A Novel by David RhodesThe few hundred souls who inhabit Words, Wisconsin, are an extraordinary cast of characters. The middle-aged couple who zealously guards their farm from a scheming milk cooperative. The lifelong invalid, crippled by conflicting emotions about her sister.
David Rhodes15 May 2012$16.00

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The Easter House

The Easter House by David RhodesOriginally published in 1974, this gripping novel tells the tale of the Easter family of Ontarion, Iowa. Ansel Easter was a favored minister until he rescued a grotesque creature from a carnival sideshow. His sons, C and Sam, suffer in the shadow of their
David Rhodes6 May 2012$15.00

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Rock Island Line

Rock Island Line by David RhodesRaised in an idyllic Iowa town, young July Montgomery is rocked by the tragic death of his parents. Fleeing to Philadelphia, he fashions a ghostly existence in an underground train station. When a young woman appears to free him from his malaise, they
David Rhodes17 Nov 2010$15.00

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Accelerating out of the Great Recession: How to Win in a Slow-Growth Economy: How to Win in a Slow-Growth Economy

Accelerating out of the Great Recession: How to Win in a Slow-Growth Economy: How to Win in a Slow-Growth Economy by David Rhodes & Daniel StelterFrom the world's leading business strategy consultancy comes this essential guide to prospering in the aftermath of what is being called the Great Recession.

Accelerating Out of the Great Recession, by The Boston Consulting Group's David Rhodes and Daniel

David Rhodes &
Daniel Stelter
22 Mar 2010$22.95

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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Pages:  1 
Sunday 29 November, 2015
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