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The Republic of Conscience

The Republic of Conscience by Gary HartFormer Senator Gary Hart's The Republic of Conscience is a meditation on the growing gap between the founding principles of the United States Constitution and our current political landscape.

Going back as early as 400 BC, the idea of a true republic has been threatened by narrow, special interests taking precedence over the commonwealth. The United States Constitution was drafted to protect against such corruption, but as Gary Hart details in The Republic of Conscience, America is nowhere near the republic it set out to be almost 250 years ago, falling to the very misconduct it hoped to avoid....

Gary Hart4 Jun 2015$25.95

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The Courage of Our Convictions: A Manifesto for Democrats

The Courage of Our Convictions: A Manifesto for Democrats by Gary Hart

An impassioned call to arms for Democrats to embrace the principles that made the party and the country great--a true moral vision for leadership at home and abroad

In this powerful and provocative manifesto, a cri de coeur for Democrats who have grown increasingly frustrated with their party's leaders, former senator Gary Hart takes the Democrats to task for choosing caution and calculation in place of moral principles. That path, Hart says, will lead only to sorrow--for the party and for the country.

The Courage of Our Convictions is Hart's call to action--a clear-eyed and plainspoken manifesto...

Gary Hart31 May 2015$19.99

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James Monroe: The American Presidents Series: The 5th President, 1817-1825

James Monroe: The American Presidents Series: The 5th President, 1817-1825 by Gary HartThe former senator and presidential candidate offers a provocative new assessment of the first "national security president"

James Monroe is remembered today primarily for two things: for being the last of the "Virginia Dynasty"—following George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison—and for issuing the Monroe Doctrine, his statement of principles in 1823 that the western hemisphere was to be considered closed to European intervention. But Gary Hart sees Monroe as a president ahead of his time, whose priorities and accomplishments in establishing America's "national security" have a...

Gary Hart11 May 2015$8.99

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Durango by Gary HartA contemporary novel filled with scandal, controversy, and suspense, set in the small Southwest town of Durango, Colorado.
Gary Hart12 Apr 2012$15.95

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