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Red Tobruk: Memoirs of a World War II Destroyer Commander

Red Tobruk: Memoirs of a World War II Destroyer Commander by Gregory SmithRed Tobruk, the war memoir of the Captain of HMS Eridge from late 1940 until August 1942 is a superb account of wartime action at sea. Frank Gregory-Smith¹s war started on the destroyer Jaguar and he saw action off Norway and during the Dunkirk evacuation, when she was hit by enemy air attack with 25 men killed. Command of the new escort destroyer HMS Eridge followed (he was to be her only Captain) and they deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean, and so began a gruelling 18 months of convoys to Tobruk and Malta under German controlled skies. ORed Tobruk¹ was the name for the enemy aircraft...
Gregory Smith19 Mar 2015$10.99

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Aftermath of the Dead

Aftermath of the Dead by Gregory SmithIt seemed like any other accident, which happens thousands of times across the cities and towns, which make up America. But, this one on Highway 44 in St. Louis, Missouri was much different. So, different in fact, it changed the world.

St. Louis, population 3 million, the gateway to the west. But, within, its city limits is the home of drug companies seduced by vast profits. A population and a world unprepared for what happens next.

Unleashed without warning; an unknown chemical which when exposed causes the dead to rise and destroy the living. The results; a horrifying quick outbreak, which spares...

Gregory Smith12 Jan 2014$6.00

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Top 20 Recipes You Should Try

Top 20 Recipes You Should Try by Gregory SmithThis is a unique recipe book that has original meal ideas. The purpose of this book is to provide you and your family with more options that are healthy and will conveniently fit your lifestyles. It's really cool because we count down from number 20 to number 1. Plus, two bonus recipe ideas for you to try. So come on and jump right in! Bon appétit
Gregory Smith28 Aug 2013$3.99

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Perspectives on Public Space in Rome, from Antiquity to the Present Day

Perspectives on Public Space in Rome, from Antiquity to the Present Day by Gregory SmithDivided into five chronological sections (Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Contemporary) this volume provides readers interested in urban history with a collection of essays on the evolution of public space in that paradigmatic western city which is Rome. Scholars specialized in different historical periods contributed chapters, in order to find common themes which weave their way through one of the most complex urban histories of western civilization. Through this long-term chronological approach the volume offers a truly unique insight into the urban development of...
Gregory Smith3 Mar 2013$149.95

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