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Kendra Norman-Bellamy products

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Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon by Kendra Norman-BellamyAt age forty-five, Dr. Neil Taylor is an eligible bachelor, living a seemingly satisfied existence as a deacon of his church and director of Kingdom Builder's Academy. Despite outward appearances, however, Neil harbors secret pains that have caused him
Kendra Norman-Bellamy30 Nov 2014$6.99

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One Prayer Away

One Prayer Away by Kendra Norman-BellamySeven years ago, Mitchell Andrews made the biggest mistake of his life. Turning to alcohol to temporarily drown out his own grief and guilt, he alienated his wife and she left him in fear of her life after Mitchell started becoming abusive. This wake up
Kendra Norman-Bellamy19 Jun 2014$9.74

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Crossing Jhordan's River

Crossing Jhordan's River by Kendra Norman-Bellamy

Jhordan was only a boy when he witnessed his mother's suicide. At first, the pain of his loss weighed on him, but the pain soon festered into a deep-seated mistrust of women. Failed relationships abound, and now his marriage to Kelli has brought him to

Kendra Norman-Bellamy9 Jan 2014$9.99

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A Love So Strong

A Love So Strong by Kendra Norman-BellamyIf there was such thing as a perfect marriage, Bryan and Nicole Walker had it. Even without the child they desire after five years of marriage, their love for one another is solid. But then, without warning, the very thing they wanted threatens to tear
Kendra Norman-Bellamy21 Oct 2012$8.99

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Fifteen Years

Fifteen Years by Kendra Norman-Bellamy

Josiah (JT) Tilman, the son of a substance dependent and neglectful mother, spent most of his childhood years in the custody of the State, living in foster homes throughout Atlanta, Georgia. At the age of fourteen, he was taken from the foster family

Kendra Norman-Bellamy4 Oct 2012$9.99

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When Solomon Sings

When Solomon Sings by Kendra Norman-BellamyCould Shaylynn Ford be the perfect woman for Neil Taylor? Neil certainly thinks so. The problem is, he's pretty sure he's not her perfect man-that was her husband, Emmett, a wealthy politician who was assassinated eight years ago. Neil, the director of
Kendra Norman-Bellamy2 Feb 2012$9.99

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The Lyons Den

The Lyons Den by Kendra Norman-BellamyLieutenant Stuart Lyons is a single father and a well-respected veteran law enforcement officer. In addition, he serves as head of security at the ever-popular New Hope Church in Atlanta, GA and above all, he loves the Lord. When sudden pandemonium strikes
Kendra Norman-Bellamy11 Jan 2012$4.99

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Upon This Rock (Shelton Heights Series, Book 4)

Upon This Rock (Shelton Heights Series, Book 4) by Kendra Norman-BellamyThe much-beloved and acclaimed Christian fiction author delivers a redemptive delight with the story of an ex-con who learns the hard way that it's better to be with God than without Him. Deon "Rocky" Rockford is released after serving nearly twenty five
Kendra Norman-Bellamy15 May 2011$9.99

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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Pages:  1 

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