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The A to Z Guide of Wild Animals

Lisa Jones

The A to Z Guide of Wild Animals by Lisa JonesWelcome to the A-Z Guide of Wild Animals from around the world. It is jammed packed full of facts and stunning photographs. It has key educational benefits and is dedicated to all the budding wildlife enthusiasts out there. From the African plains of the Serengeti to Australia, there is something for everyone. For all ages this is a book to be treasured and read again and again.
2014 / 11 / 18

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The Prophecy

Lisa Jones

The Prophecy by Lisa JonesImagine a world where death and destruction lurks around every corner. The fight for ultimate power against the darkness is an ongoing battle. With judgement day approaching can one thing save really save them all? The Prophecy is set primarily in the 6th century. It tells the tale about how Arthur and his devoted wizard Merlin defended Camelot in very difficult and dark times. His courageous knights take on various quests so that Arthur may save his beloved father king Aiden and thus prevail against all the many evils. With trolls and goblins, dragons and dark magic this novel will keep you...
2014 / 8 / 24

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Bobo the Pirate's Cat

Lisa Jones

Bobo the Pirate's Cat by Lisa JonesAfter coming across an abandoned ship drifting aimlessly out at sea, Bobo raises the alarm after seeing a survivor through the eyeglass. His captain Red-Beard and his crew uncover a mystery along with a squawking parrot and a few gold coins. The plot begins to thicken as Bobo sets out to discover the truth. As clues come to light, Bobo's suspicions are raised further with the discovery of a strange blue powder. The pirate cat devises a cunning plan, one which will change his life forever.
2014 / 7 / 31

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Who Am I?

Lisa Jones

Who Am I? by Lisa Jones
2012 / 3 / 20

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Bulletproof Diva

Lisa Jones

Bulletproof Diva by Lisa JonesIn Bulletproof Diva, Lisa Jones brings the wit and candor of her infamous Village Voice column, "Skin Trade," to a much larger audience. Chock full of the "fierce black girl humor" that has made her column so popular, this provocative collection of essays and observations on race, sex, identity, and the politics of style speaks to a young generation of blacks who were raised in an integrated society and are now waiting for America to deliver on its promises of equality. The thirty-seven short pieces and six long essays in Bulletproof Diva cover a wide range of topics, many of them extremely...
2010 / 12 / 29

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Southland Auto Acres

Lisa Jones

Southland Auto Acres by Lisa JonesJust out of college, Becky Pine wants a job, a girlfriend, and a manifesto. She wants a life -- her own real life. Southland Auto Acres, a car lot in Los Angeles, becomes her bootcamp for learning about love, relationships, and the real world. Originally published as Up: A Novel in 2002, the book was reissued under the title Southland Auto Acres in 2010 in anticipation of author Lisa Jones's next installment in the ongoing adventures of Becky Pine.
2010 / 6 / 9

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Pages:  1 
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