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Ad In Ad Out: Collected Tennis Articles of Michael Mewshaw 1982-2015

Michael Mewshaw

Ad In Ad Out: Collected Tennis Articles of Michael Mewshaw 1982-2015 by Michael MewshawFor the past thirty-five years Michael Mewshaw has covered pro tennis with a novelist??s sense of style, a travel writer??s feeling for place and an investigative reporter??s commitment to unearthing the truth. Like Short Circuit, his description of life on the men??s tour – the New York Times hailed it as “one of the best books ever written about tennis, and the most timelyā€¯ – and Ladies of the Court, his account of the women??s circuit, Mewshaw??s articles offer original and often shocking insights into a sport that all too often receives superficial coverage. AD IN AD OUT ranges over four...
3 May 2016$9.99

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Sympathy for the Devil: Four Decades of Friendship with Gore Vidal

Michael Mewshaw

Sympathy for the Devil: Four Decades of Friendship with Gore Vidal by Michael Mewshaw

A generous, entertaining, intimate look at Gore Vidal, a man who prided himself on being difficult to know

Detached and ironic; a master of the pointed put-down, of the cutting quip; enigmatic, impossible to truly know: This is the calcified, public image of Gore Vidal--one the man himself was fond of reinforcing. "I'm exactly as I appear," he once said of himself. "There is no warm, lovable person inside. Beneath my cold exterior, once you break the ice, you find cold water."
Michael Mewshaw's Sympathy for the Devil, a memoir of his friendship with the stubbornly iconoclastic public intellectual,...

1 Jun 2015$24.99

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If You Could See Me Now

Michael Mewshaw

If You Could See Me Now by Michael MewshawWhen Michael Mewshaw receives a call from a stranger who says she has reason to believe he is her biological father, Mewshaw realizes he has been half dreading, half hoping for this to happen for over thirty years. Just like the young woman who wants to find the last piece to the puzzle of her life, he thinks it's possible that in the same process he will discover the answer to questions that have plagued him for decades. But first he has to make sure that she is who she claims to be.

In this fascinating memoir, Mewhsaw confronts his own past, the chaos of his family, and complicated memories...

28 Jan 2014$9.99

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Between Terror and Tourism: An Overland Journey Across North Africa

Michael Mewshaw

Between Terror and Tourism: An Overland Journey Across North Africa by Michael MewshawFor his 65th birthday, acclaimed novelist Michael Mewshaw took a 4,000-mile overland trip across North Africa. Arriving in Egypt during food riots, he heads west into Libya, where billions in oil money have produced little except citizens eager to flee to Europe or join the jihad in Iraq. In Tunis, Mewshaw visits an abandoned Star Wars movie set where Al Qaeda has just kidnapped two tourists.

Ignoring U.S. Embassy warnings he crosses into Algeria, traveling through mountain towns and seething metropolises where 200,000 people have died during more than a decade of sectarian violence. Searching...

29 May 2012$16.95

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Lying with the Dead

Michael Mewshaw

Lying with the Dead by Michael MewshawMichael Mewshaw

Michael Mewshaw is the author of seventeen novels, including Year of the Gun and Shelter from the Storm, as well as works of nonfiction, including the memoir Do I Owe You Something?, a chronicle of his many and varied encounters with major contemporary American authors.

15 Oct 2009$14.95

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