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How To Be Your Own Management Guru

Morgen Witzel

How To Be Your Own Management Guru by Morgen Witzel
14 Oct 2016$16.00

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Tata: Evolution of a Corporate Brand

Morgen Witzel

Tata: Evolution of a Corporate Brand by Morgen WitzelA series of high-profile acquisitions, including Jaguar Land Rover and Corus Steel, together with the launch of the Nano (the world's first Rs. 1 Lakh/ below US$ 2500 car), is set to change our perception of India': on the threshold of becoming a truly global brand.*s oldest and most respected corporate brand. With a major international presence, in a variety of areas including steel, tea, chemicals, communications and software, Tata now stands 65th in the world brand valuation league. But what is the Tata brand all about? What are its values? How do people perceive it, in India and around the...
8 Oct 2016$34.00

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How To Be Your Own Management Guru

Morgen Witzel

How To Be Your Own Management Guru by Morgen WitzelHow smart a manager are you? How good are you at leveraging your knowledge and skills in order to provide value for your business and your customers? How smart is your management team when it comes to understanding both the fundamentals of business, and new trends? How to be your own Management Guru is the perfect answer to those looking to master the fundamentals of managing in the modern world: how to make and implement strategy; how to understand and respond to customer needs; how to manage and get the best out of people; and above all, how to use knowledge. Drawing on both business research...
8 Oct 2016$16.98

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Fifty Key Figures in Management

Morgen Witzel

Fifty Key Figures in Management by Morgen Witzel

Fifty Key Figures in Management is a collection of biographies of fifty people who have helped to make management what it is today - through their ideas, writings and teachings, through practical example and leadership, or both.

Featuring business leaders such as Henry Ford, Jack Welch and Bill Gates, all of whom were pioneers in business pratice, the book also includes thinkers and consultants who have helped to redefine the way we think about management, such as Ohmae Kenichi, Fukuzawa Yukichi, Tom Peters and Charles Handy. Moreover, new and emerging aspects of management are covered through...

5 Nov 2015$39.95

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Managing for Success: Spotting Danger Signals - And Fixing Problems Before They Happen

Morgen Witzel

Managing for Success: Spotting Danger Signals - And Fixing Problems Before They Happen by Morgen WitzelThe damage that incompetent managers do is incalculable. Every year they wipe tens of billions off the value of companies around the world. But the routinely incompetent behaviour that leads to failure is often covered up, incompetent managers are paid off and the causes of failure are swept under the carpet. Yet, most of these failures could have been avoided if only we knew how to spot the signs of incompetence in advance, and take steps to prevent it happening. Prevention is always better, and cheaper, than cure.
Morgen Witzel tackles the problem of incompetence in the round by exploring...
10 Mar 2015$28.99

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Encyclopedia of History of American Management

Morgen Witzel

Encyclopedia of History of American Management by Morgen WitzelContaining more than 250 entries, this unique and ambitious work traces the development of management thinking and major business culture in North America.

Entries range from 600 words to 2500 words and contain concise biographical detail, a critical analysis of the thinkers' doctrines and ideas and a bibliography including the subject's major works and a helpful listing of minor works.
2 Jan 2014$262.99

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Management from the Masters: From Confucius to Warren Buffett Twenty Timeless Principles for Business

Morgen Witzel

Management from the Masters: From Confucius to Warren Buffett Twenty Timeless Principles for Business by Morgen WitzelThe belief that everything is changing led to the disasters of the dotcom era. This book reminds us that some fundamental rules do still apply by taking readers through 20 imperatives derived from the thinking of great leaders and management theorists including Peter Drucker, Henry Fayol, Andrew Grove and bankers and financiers such as Thomas Gresham and Warren Buffet.
This entertaining run down of the fundamental laws, rules and principles business professionals should break at their peril is complemented by case studies that document the consequences of ignoring these key laws. Management...
9 Dec 2013$23.99

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Management: The Basics

Morgen Witzel

Management: The Basics by Morgen Witzel"Management: The Basics" provides an easy, jargon-free introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of modern management. Using examples ranging from people management at Cadbury and the Enron crisis to the marketing of fried chicken in China, it explains key aspects of management, including:
- Planning effective business strategy to meet goals
- How successful marketing works
- How organizations are structured and function
- How to understand corporate finance
- What affects how people work and effective human resources management
- The importance of knowledge and culture
This informative...
7 Nov 2013$17.95

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Doing Business in China

Tim Ambler & Morgen Witzel

Doing Business in China by Tim Ambler & Morgen WitzelThis book is a general introduction to managing business enterprises in China, aimed specifically at Western and non-Chinese businesses and managers, particularly those with limited experience of China.
14 Jun 2013$28.95

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Management Frameworks: Aligning Strategic Thinking and Execution

Jacques Kemp & Andreas Schotter & Morgen Witzel

Management Frameworks: Aligning Strategic Thinking and Execution by Jacques Kemp & Andreas Schotter & Morgen Witzel

Today's business organizations, especially large ones, are complex places; difficult to manage and to control. Much of this complexity is self-induced and too much of the management of these organizations is done on an ad hoc basis. Different reporting, control and management systems are used in different parts of the company and often these are incompatible, making it difficult, sometimes impossible for top management to know what is going on. Consequently it is an arduous task for managers to make strategic plans for the business or react quickly to changes in the environment.

This book shows...

5 Dec 2012$57.95

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Management History: Text and Cases

Morgen Witzel

Management History: Text and Cases by Morgen WitzelManagement History is not simply a book about the history of business or even the history of management. The goal of this book is to demonstrate that despite the relative newness of management science as an academic subject, management has been around since ancient times. Through understanding the history of management - both in practice and theory - one is able to approach the complex and challenging problems of modern management from a new perspective. The book not only traces the development of management from history to the present day, but also examines the way this evolution impacts how...
21 Apr 2012$64.95

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A History of Management Thought

Morgen Witzel

A History of Management Thought by Morgen Witzel

For the past three thousand years people have been thinking about the problems of management. This book shows how thinking about management has evolved and changed. It shows how changing social, political and technological forces have challenged people to think about management in new ways, and how management thinkers have responded. Sometimes their responses missed the mark and occasionally, great ideas about management failed to be picked up and were lost along the way. Sometimes, truly original and creative, even world-changing ideas appeared.

Following key currents in management thought from...

3 Apr 2012$58.95

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How to Get an MBA

Morgen Witzel

How to Get an MBA by Morgen WitzelAs the first step on the road to a managerial career and life-long learning, the MBA is one of the most important things a student will ever do. The student must take care to acquire not only the hard technical skills that the MBA directly through coursework, but also the soft skills, especially the ability to communicate and to establish and maintain networks, which are developed indirectly through the entire MBA experience. The author shows how to get the most out of an MBA program, the instructors and fellow students. Topics covered include how to:
  • read and prepare a case
  • work in teams ...
6 Mar 2009$16.95

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