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Across the Void
by Paul Hallas


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Across the Void by Paul Hallas

An examination of the classic "Cards Across" effect which discusses and explains many methods and presentations from "thought of" cards traveling to "signed cards" or those with different colored backs. If you've used this effect, want to use it or need a great routine for your show, this is essential reading.


  • Introduction
  • Early Cards That Travel: Detailing and comments on methods by Robert-Houdin, Devant and Ponsin.
  • Cards Being 'Thought Of' Travel: Detailing Zen's method and variants, Paul Curry's variant, Henry Hardin's Kings Kards and Jacob Daley and Annemann's Acme Thought Card Pass.
  • Some Thought on Plot Variations
  • Selected Selections: Peter Warlock's Cards Across, Paul Hallas's Glass To Glass, Meir Yedid's Flight Fantastic.
  • Adding The Comedy: Discussing the plot as a vehicle for comedy, various references to routines in print and Terry Seabrooke's Cards Across.
  • The Red and The Blue: Discussing the use of contrasting colored packets of cards, rough and smooth method and detailing Horowitz's Duo Flight with suggestions.
  • Thoughts On Envelopes: Thoughts on envelope use plus Derek Dingle's Cards Across Licked At Last.
  • Less Traveled: Discussing some routines using less cards, the possibility of no packets and crossover plots.
  • Other Additions and Pure Sleight Versions: Different ways of adding cards and sleight methods detailing Prof. Hellis's Hand To Hand palm Change and Hugard's Radio Cards with ideas.
  • More Expert Approaches: References to Alex Elmsley, Paul Harris and Dave Campbell methods plus Peter Duffie's Oversiter routine fully detailed.
  • Gaffed and Marketed Versions: References to some good marketed versions and divided cards. Detailing Vic Taylor's Mentalogie and Paul Hallas's Rove No More
  • Final Word: Yet another reference or two slipped in.

"Probably the best manuscript I've ever read on Cards Across was "Across The Void" by Paul Hallas. It was brilliantly written and will tell you more than you'll ever need to know regarding the effect. Complete history, almost every method, etc.." - Steven Youell

"I'm a huge fan of the cards across plot. And...I thought I knew a lot about the effect. Man, I knew nothing until I started reading Paul Hallas's "Across The Void" The writing style is wonderful and the research that went into it must have been a daunting task (definitely a labor of love)." - Review King (The Magic Café).

[This digital release has a few extra references than the earlier print version of the book.]

1st edition 2002. 2nd edition 2006. 1st digital edition 2012, 63 pages; 2nd digital edition 2016, 107 pages.
word count: 33007 which is equivalent to 132 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Eric Fry (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 07 December, 2013

Exceptional review of Cards Across, complete with historical information. Very stimulating discussion. It's a pity there aren't many other affordable booklets about card classics.