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Muscle Reading & Contact Mind Reading in Mentalism & Spiritism

Also known under the terms Hellströmism, Cumberlandism, and contact mind reading, muscle reading is a technique to read somebodies subconscious ideomotor effect responses and their manifestation in involuntary muscle contractions. Essentially it is a refined method to read somebodies body language. This is not only a useful technique for the mentalist, but is used to great effect by professional poker players to 'read' the hands of their opponents.

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Stuart Cumberland
People I Have Read by Stuart Cumberland

Cumberland was a muscle reader who did not claim to possess any psychic abilities. In this work he recounts many such 'thought-reading' encounters with notable people.

From the introduction:

I have visited many courts and travelled in many lands and have, from time to time, been brought in close contact with the world’s rulers and those who have made their mark in the world’s history. With a great number of them I have performed actual experiments, whilst others I have read without the direct application of any experiments at all.

Upon the correctness of my reading in connection...

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George Miller Beard
The Study of Trance Muscle Reading by George Miller Beard

From the preface:

The following narratives and analyses of facts relating to the investigation of important and interesting phenomena of the nervous system are published in the belief that they will be new, in whole or in part, to the majority of neurologists and practitioners, both in Europe and America.

Some of the facts connected with the detailed history of muscle-reading are here put on permanent record for the first time, and have been obtained partly from memory and partly from public and private documents in my possession.

It is interesting and incredible that these phenomena...

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George Miller Beard
Physiology of Mind-Reading by George Miller Beard

The type of 'mind-reading' George Beard means here is what we today call muscle-reading, which is a term that Beard himself coined. Beard describes several experiments he conducted and describes very clearly the physiology of muscle-reading, and that it is an involuntary muscle contraction that has nothing to do with animal magnetism or thought transference.

1st edition 1877; PDF 10 pages.

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Vincent Wilson
Digital Perception by Vincent Wilson

For years Vince has been perfecting facial and muscle reading techniques and has pioneered new ways of performing in the digital age. Now, after months of practice and nearly a 100% success rate after dozens of demonstrations, he is ready to share his newest feat of mentalism. Digital Perception allows you to make a startling mind-reading prediction over live streaming video.

1st edition 2021, length 20 min.

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S. Edward Dexter
Entertaining with Contact Mind Reading by S. Edward Dexter

A complete non-technical treatise on the science of Contact Mind Reading, enabling anyone to present a convincing Telepathic Act.

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. What Is Contact Mind Reading?
  • Chapter 2. Contact Impulses
  • Chapter 3. Non-Contact Or Remote Impulses
  • Chapter 4. The Author's Presentation
  • Chapter 5. Entertaining With Contact Mind Reading
  • Chapter 6. The Pseudo Blindfold
  • Chapter 7. The Negative Guide
  • Chapter 8. Two Important Replies
  • Chapter 9. Do's And Dont's

1st edition 1952, 26 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 20 pages.

★★★★ $8
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Robert A. Nelson
Hellstromism (Nelson) by Robert A. Nelson

The first and only true explanation of the miraculous feats of the late Axel Hellstrom, mindreader supreme ... the man who baffled many of the world's most scientific and magical minds. A topic of conversation wherever presented.

Magicians, students of the occult, psychic entertainers, scientists and profound thinkers alike have long sought ... THE TRUE SECRET OF GENUINE MIND READING

No gimmicks. No stooges. No electronics. No mirrors. Nothing prearranged.

Any time, any place, with any group of honest, sincere spectators, the psychic entertainer allows the spectators to merely think...

★★★★★ $10
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Percy Abbott
Hellstromism (Abbott) by Percy Abbott

This lesson in telepathic experiments makes mind reading an understandable and practical thing. A method of reading one's thoughts that you can learn and apply. The secret mental equipment needed for your success as a mental performer. The late Axel Hellstrom, a German mental marvel, astounded the entire scientific world with his uncanny ability to read the thoughts of a person with whom he was in contact and to interpret these thoughts correctly. He would execute mental (not written) commands with lightning rapidity - find hidden articles wherever they were secreted - deliver sealed messages...

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Devin Knight
Almost Real Mindreading Feats by Devin Knight

Do you want to look like a real minder and do feats that defy explanation, unless you could really read minds? Without having your spectators write anything down at any time. Then this release is just for YOU!

These are three Jason Michaels effects that have not previously been released. These were Jason's prime bread and butter effects that appeared to be real mindreading. They were used in newspaper offices for reporters all over the country. There are no gimmicks used. No math principles or fishing techniques used. These three effects convinced the skeptics and reporters that Jason was...

★★★★★ $8
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Percy Abbott
Improved Muscle Reading by Percy Abbott

The general effect and principle of Muscle Reading is that a person merely thinks of any object and you take hold of his wrist or hand and lead him to the article he is thinking of.

In this improved method, we have overcome several obstacles to insure picking out the right subjects so you cannot fail. As anyone giving public performances wishes to be sure he will be able to accomplish what he starts out to do, this is a big asset. We also have found a good reason for holding the subject's wrist, and last but not least have a practical apparent non-contact method. This throws the audience...

★★★★★ $4
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S. W. Reilly
Hellstromism by S. W. Reilly

This is one of the best ebooks on contact mind reading. It is short, but holds everything you need to know on the subject. Written by S. W. Reilly. This ebook is based on Axel Hellstrom's use of Contact Mind Reading. A great ebook to get you started.

Also features two performance reports on Hellstromism. One performance was given by Professor Newmann, the other by George Jason.

1st digital edition 2013, 13 pages.

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Stanton Carlisle
Master Mentality by Stanton Carlisle

Master Mentality is an important addition to the rather sparse literature available on the little-known subject of contact mind reading.

Contact mind reading is generally believed to be almost impossible to practice and hard to learn. Stanton Carlisle demonstrates that this is not at all the case. His instructions share all the secrets of a successful performance and the techniques to learn and master this art.

I consider this the most important work of Stanton Carlisle. He shares many bits and tips of the business of mentalism in general, not just the techniques and methods to become...

★★★★ $20
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Dariel Fitzkee
Contact Mind Reading Expanded by Dariel Fitzkee

The original edition of this book was selected among the best books of 1935 by John Mulholland, editor of The Sphinx. Contact mind reading or 'muscle reading' is probably the next best thing to genuine mind reading. It doesn't require any gimmicks, codes or confederates. It is based on involuntary subtle clues spectators give. This is one of the best texts ever written on this subject.

Paul Fleming wrote:

Though we personally have been witnessing mindreading acts for some forty years and presenting tests in thought-transference for more than thirty, we have never attempted to perform, and indeed have never actually seen, the...

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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products)